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A new form of space competition has emerged: French

by:XinXing     2020-05-26
The US Defense News weekly website published a report entitled 'Space Commander said foreign government is approaching to check French satellites in orbit' on January 27. Jean-Pascal Breton, commander of the French Joint Space Command, told MPs They said that some satellites in orbit in France were approached by foreign objects in orbit. Breton said: 'In addition to the development of directed energy weapons that can reduce our combat capabilities, some countries have also mastered space rendezvous technology, which means that they can access the space assets of other countries. Several of our satellites are used by other countries for satellite inspection The object is approaching. 'He did not list which countries are approaching to check the French satellite. Breton recently told the House of Commons Defence and Armed Forces Committee: 'Space competition and anti-intervention denial strategies are taking on new forms.' He said that the ability to detect and identify suspected unfriendly or offensive behavior is 'critical to protecting our security.' He also added that France will gradually strengthen its ability to track the outer space activities of the atmosphere in order to identify and classify objects that orbit spacecraft close to France. He praised the current and future multi-year budget law for providing a 'real boost' to the development of the space field, especially in terms of satellite replacement. The defense budget for 2017 allocated 300 million euros in installments to military space projects, the same number as in previous years. The 2018 budget allocated 325 million euros. He pointed out that with the development of new satellites, the funding figures will rise further. Breton said that France will install dual-mode receivers for military equipment, using the US GPS navigation system and the European Galileo satellite navigation system to improve reliability. He said that many French weapons use GPS as an aiming system, and the Air Force, in addition to 'performing a specific mission,' tends to use GPS for assisted navigation. Breton said that France plans to replace eight satellites in the next few years, and the update plan will begin this year.
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