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A number of 'black technologies' appeared at the

by:XinXing     2020-05-25
'Even if you wear a hat and mask and don't show your face, we still know who you are!' On December 11, at the third 'Lianyungang Forum' Police Equipment and Public Safety Products Expo, a well-known domestic security company A new 'Face + Shape' intelligent recognition system was demonstrated on the spot. By combining face features, posture features and body shape features, it can successfully identify target objects in a dynamic environment. The author learned that on the same day, the expo also released a series of smart 'black technologies' that are close to the police's actual combat, such as 'remote youth network management' and 'deep image analysis'. Among them, an image recognition system that has been put into practice can find 'suspicious vehicles' in tens of millions of data pools in one second. The concentration of these 'black technologies' has a good deterrent effect against various types of illegal crimes. . 218 companies exhibited well-known companies, according to Lu Changchu, director of the Communications Security Department of the Lianyungang Public Security Bureau. Compared with the previous two exhibitions, this exhibition attracted many top domestic security companies to participate in the exhibition. The number of exhibitors reached 218, including Large-scale central enterprises such as PetroChina, Sinopec, Baidu, Huawei, ZTE, 360, Didi, Zhongke Dawn, Hikvision, Zhejiang Dahua, Sino-German Hongtai, Dongfang Wangli and other domestic well-known security and network technology companies have appeared at the exhibition . This exhibition has two large exhibition halls, each exhibiting large-scale heavy-installed police equipment and high-precision cutting-edge security facilities standard exhibition hall. The large-scale heavy-duty police equipment exhibition hall displays a variety of riot control, troop transport, emergency command, service support and other functions. More than 20 modified cars, drones, helicopters and other equipment are displayed. Some well-known enterprises have also used the opportunity of the exhibition to highlight their 'black technology' products and take the opportunity to release them. In order to better help companies display these products and technologies, the exhibition adheres to unified planning with scientific, actual and refined methods, and in turn sets up actual applications, video surveillance, network security, police equipment, fire equipment, special vehicles, More than 10 exhibition area modules including drones, Jiangsu security enterprises, and Lianyungang security enterprises. 'Black technology' is very attractive, attracting visitors into the security facilities exhibition hall, the author was first attracted by a company called Dongfang Wangli, only to see a face in front of the audience. Upon closer inspection, the reporter found that there were multiple flashing heads at different angles on his face, and the staff answered the doubts in his mind. It turned out that after the reporter walked into the progress hall, the cameras were installed in many different points in the exhibition hall unconsciously to collect face information. Before the author walked to the system, the camera captured the author's appearance again. The information collected at each point will then flash a prompt. According to the staff, the system can find a portrait from the tens of millions of massive data pool portrait information database in seconds. Different from the company's face recognition, a dynamic facial recognition system called 'Deep Eye' launched by Sino-German Hongtai Company is even more surprising. After taking it, you must compare the photos taken in a static state. Now, no matter whether you look down, sideways, or wear a hat and mask, as long as they are taken by us, we will know who you are! ' Introduced, their system not only finds people by analyzing facial features, but also analyzes people's posture and physical features. At the exhibition, the drone countermeasure system launched by CSIC 716 Research Institute, 360 company's network virus interception system, etc., attracted a large number of audiences to stop and watch. 360 Company also released the “Remote Youth Network Management” system for the first time in the world at the exhibition. The “Future Guardian” APP launched by the system can help parents to effectively detect the operation of the child ’s mobile phone software, accurately locate the child ’s location, and set up safe area electronic fence , Set a timed lock screen, etc., to protect children in real time, especially for children who are addicted to online games.
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