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A set of equipment can cost tens of thousands of yuan

by:XinXing     2020-05-17
The cross-country running events in the mainland started around 2008. In 2009, the mainland only held 30 cross-country running events a year, and now it has grown to about 500 games per year. Demand for cross-country running is increasing day by day. In recent years, Henan has also held several cross-country running events. However, the cross-country running market in Henan is still in the incubation period, but it has just begun. The purchase of equipment can cost up to tens of thousands of yuan In order to complete the cross-country race, participants have to spend a lot of time to train physical fitness. Before officially participating in cross-country running, Zhang Zhiyou once ran a large circle around the third ring road of Zhengzhou, from nearly 11 o'clock in the evening, and ran to more than 6 o'clock the next morning. In addition, he and his friends also made a large circle around the Longzi Lake High Campus, Beilong Lake, and the Convention and Exhibition Center. In order to experience the off-road feeling, he specially ran to two mountains near Beilong Lake for training, and ran on a cobblestone road that is five or six kilometers long. Another identity of Baichuan is the owner of a merchant in South China City. There is a driving school near the store. There is a big pit with a diameter of two to three hundred meters. Opposite the pit is a long wooden ladder leading to a car 4S shop. This is the training ground of Baichuan. 'Running this lap is more than a kilometer, I will run a dozen laps, and then run on the road, the amount of training will not be less than 20 kilometers.' Bai Chuan said, in addition, he will also run barefoot on the road. In addition to the sweat, compared to the marathon, playing trail running also pays a higher registration fee and invests in equipment. Equipped with hats, headscarves, goggles, headlights, clothes, water bags, trekking poles, cross-country shoes, sand-proof mats, jackets, winter clothes, etc., because of the frequent replacement of equipment, some need a few more sets. An industry source told the Henan Business Daily reporter that the capital invested in equipment purchases ranged from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. The registration fee is also a big expense for the cross-country runners. The registration fee for the top races is tens of thousands of yuan, including the expensive corpse transportation fee. 'Whether it is used or not, the money will not be refunded.' Baichuan said. Linefinder, the man behind the trail running event The cross-country race in the Mainland began around 2008. At present, the more famous ones are the TNF100 Beijing International Cross-country Running Challenge, and the three consecutive times to participate in the UTMB's Ray's cross-country race founded by Yu Lei. A Xiang joined the ranks of cross-country running under the influence of Lei. He participated in the 2016 Hong Kong 100km Cross-Country Challenge (referred to as 'Hong Kong 100') and the 2017 UTMB, the group is the CCCC group. The 'Hong Kong 100' in 2016 has made Axiang unforgettable. He remembered that he had encountered a cold wave that had not been seen for many years. At about 10 o'clock in the evening, when we ran to Damao Mountain, the road started to freeze and snow flakes on the top of the mountain. Many local people ran to the mountain to enjoy snow and frost. A Xiang recalled that at that time, thanks to Yu Lei's suggestion, he brought a few more sets of warm clothes. In the stone cracks along the way, he saw several players wearing thin coats and drilling in the stone cracks to avoid the cold. 'We gave them some food and insulation blankets.' In the end, A Xiang completed the game at 2 am the next day and won the trophy of the little silver man. Two hours after he reached the finish line, the organizer terminated the game. Over the past three years, A Xiang is now planning a cross-country running event for a sports company, and he explored the cross-country running routes that Chang Xiaohong and Zhang Zhiyou participated in. A Xiang told the Henan Business Daily reporter that when planning a route, he often encountered a situation where there was no way to go, and he needed tools to repair a temporary access road. When exploring the line in the Taihang Mountains, according to the route provided by the villagers, A Xiang encountered a thorn forest of several hundred meters in length, 'One person is tall, all are thorns.' 'The road is between supply point 1 and supply point 2. If you need to increase the length of the route by detour, and the surrounding road conditions are not very good. 'A Xiang said, he did not carry tools, he could only bare-handed, bend the thorns little by little, and opened a one-person wide road. After the hard trip, because of wearing short-sleeved shorts, A Xiang was marked with blood marks on his hands and legs, and there were many barbs. Probing the line in the Zhongnan Mountain of Qinling Mountains may be the most dangerous encounter for Axiang. At that time, it was already 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and the map showed that the nearest road to home was only 4 kilometers away. According to the route uploaded by previous netizens, A Xiang and another companion speculated that a white pattern should be a large slope. They approached and found out that there was actually a broken wall nearly 100 meters deep, 'like a waterfall.' The broken wall separates the north and the south. If you make a detour, you may have to walk in the mountains at night. After discussing for a while, the two chose unprotected climbing. They climbed up from the east side of the broken wall to a higher place, and then descended through the 70-degree soil slope, and then used the pile-like trees on the slope to make a fixed point, and repeatedly repeated the horizontal movement. After more than 2 hours, they reached the bottom of the valley. After receiving some spring water, the two set off again. Following the satellite navigation, they found a place where there was light, which was a light from a donkey who went to camp. A Xiang said, the donkey showed them the way and gave him a big apple. In the end, at more than 10 o'clock that night, the two returned to their place of residence smoothly. A Xiang told the Henan Business Daily reporter that when there is no way to explore the line, he will usually find the beast road. 'Looking for water, looking for food, looking for beast feces, looking at the footprints to find the way, the road in the mountains are all come out of the beast.' The happiest thing on the road is to see the mineral water bottle and the red rope left by the predecessors. A Xiang said that the design route must first consider the risk factor passed by the players, the staff's arrangement, whether the supplies are convenient for delivery, and whether the communication signals are covered; second, try to consider the places where there are people, so that the materials are stored conveniently, and the power is guaranteed; Finally, we must also take into account the scenic spots and unique scenery along the way. Henan trail running market is still in the cultivation period Zhang Jianchang, a staff member of Henan Zhongyue Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd., the operator of the Songshan Shaolin 100 International Trail Running Challenge 2019, introduced that in 2009, the Mainland only held 30 trail running events in one year, and held 71 in 2014, which has now grown to Around 500 games. A Henan Business Daily reporter searched for public information and found that as early as 2012, Yuntai Mountain had held a cross-country challenge. Zhang Jianchang introduced that in Zhengzhou, the Yellow River cross-country race was held in 2016 and 2017, and Songshan cross-country race was held in 2018; in Sanmenxia, ??the cross-country race was held in 2017; in Nanyang, the cross-country race was also held in 2017 and 2018 In addition, Luoyang, Zhumadian, Xinyang and other places have also held cross-country races. Is this too much? Zhao Pei, a colleague of Zhang Jianchang, said: 'It's not too much. Cross-country running is still relatively niche. Sometimes they go to communicate with some places. When they hear cross-country running, they think it is a car rally.' Zhang Jianchang said that to do an event, you need to communicate, explore the route, modify the route, release the schedule, and recruit participants, volunteers, rescue teams, and logistics support personnel. With such investment, how to achieve profitability? According to Zhao Pei, if the registration fee can be balanced, the remaining sponsorship will be profitable. However, “cross-country running is different from the marathon and is relatively niche. The sponsors are all sports equipment, outdoor equipment, energy drinks and the like. Enterprises, business sponsors are hard to find, and it is not easy to make money at the beginning, basically doing things with feelings. ' Zhao Pei also said that after more than 10 years of development, the cross-country running industry in Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Guangdong has developed rapidly. Foreign companies have also come to host events in China, and Henan has lagged behind. However, both Zhang Jianchang and Zhao Pei said that the number of runners in Henan is increasing day by day, and more and more people know about cross-country running. Many people like to participate in cross-country running nearby. Henan has rich mountain resources, such as Songshan, Taihang Mountain, Funiu Mountain, etc., so the potential market for trail running is huge. How long does it take to cultivate the cross-country running market in Henan? Zhao Pei said that the early development of the TNF competition in the Mainland has only been developed for more than 10 years, and building on the experience of pathfinders, the latter can spend less time.
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