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A veteran donated a multifunctional military raincoat

by:XinXing     2020-08-28
   It was recorded in the 1961 military certificate: Pei Lianhao, appointed on July 1, 1960, as deputy chief of the reconnaissance unit of the 9685 Unit Command of 9765, was appointed chief of the unit on February 14, 1961, with the rank of captain.


   A rectangular double canvas with a length of 1.6 meters and a width of 1.53 meters, too old to see the original color. There are still traces of blood remaining on the patched canvas. This military raincoat from 60 years ago followed him through most of China, from the Battle of Liaoshen to the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea.

   Yesterday, the old man Pei Lianhao, a retired cadre of Changchun City, donated this military raincoat along with military line blankets, officer IDs and other items to the Provincial Museum.

   The raincoat is always there

   80-year-old Pei Lianhao lives in Heguang Road.

   When he was a child, he and his parents fled from their hometown in Shandong to Jiaohe. In the spring of 1948, 20-year-old Pei Lianhao came to his brother's house in Jilin City. At that time, Jilin had been liberated and learned that the People’s Liberation Army was conscripting. He reported his name without telling his parents. He left his wife who had been married for less than a year and became an infantryman in the four fields. 'At that time, the army gave everyone guns, raincoats and other equipment. We all cherish it very much.'

Pei Lianhao followed the troops to participate in the Liaoshen Campaign and the Pingjin Campaign. During the journey through most of China, such military raincoats shielded the soldiers from wind and rain, and turned into soldiers’ bedding at night; in the particularly hot summer, Everyone connects the raincoats together to form a tent.

   On October 27, 1950, his troops came to North Korea. He participated in the Korean War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, and the raincoat was always by his side.

  Donation is for future generations to cherish life

   After the victory of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, Pei Lianhao and his troops returned to China. When he returned to his hometown to visit relatives in 1956, his father had passed away. In 1964, Pei Lianhao was demobilized to support business and was assigned to work in Changchun.

   His wife has been carefully keeping his military items. In January this year, his wife fell ill and died. When packing up his belongings, Pei Lianhao looked at his raincoats and other items that had followed him for 60 years, and was full of emotion.

   Seeing that the Army Day is coming, the old man wants to donate raincoats and other treasures. The neighbors in the morning exercise suggested that he send him to the Provincial Museum. He called the Provincial Museum and donated 5 treasures including military raincoats, military blankets, and officer certificates, hoping to let future generations understand the past and cherish the present life more.

   Canvas raincoat has many uses

   This military raincoat from 60 years ago is 1.6 meters long and 1.53 meters wide, approximately a square. Pei Lianhao's live demonstration made everyone marvel at the exquisite design at that time:

   This canvas is a raincoat when worn obliquely, and it becomes a bedding flat; just connect a few buttonholes at the corners of the raincoat to build a tent. The canvas strip is the collar of the raincoat. After fixing the collar, put the canvas on the body diagonally and fasten the buttons on both sides. The right arm can be extended from the only opening to carry the gun. When it rains, pull the canvas above the canvas strips on your head to become a hat, and a raincoat that is tightly shielded immediately appears in front of everyone. The rivet buttonholes of the four corners of the raincoat are worn with a rope to become a tent; when laid flat on the ground, a person lays down and pulls the remaining part on the body to become a temporary marching bedding.
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