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Amazing Army Birthday Parties - All-American Ideas

by:XinXing     2020-10-03

Ideas for Army birthday parties, including decorations and party food, to help you create the great adventure. Ten-hut! Get ready to create some muddy good fun!

ARMY PARTY DECORATIONS - Your party colors should consist of various shades of Army green, along with red, white, and blue to represent the American flag. However, you will want to be careful how you use your party colors to ensure your decor doesn't get too busy or look confusing.

Party Table - For example, emphasis red, white, and blue for your mess hall table with the use of a tablecloth, paper cups, plates, and silverware in those colors. To tie the Army greens into your party, create a centerpiece in those colors and attach a bouquet of balloons.

Camo The Party Room - Start by turning your main party room into everything camouflage, no more white walls or ceiling. Cover up your ceiling by hanging green netting from it. Create camo 'wallpaper' by gluing pieces of black, brown, green, and tan butcher paper together. Then affix your 'wallpaper' to your walls.

Mess Hall - For a really fun idea, pitch a large green tent to serve as the mess hall and serve up your Army grub to all your brave soldiers.

Sick Bay - You could also set-up a small tent to serve as your first-aid center.

Army Soldiers - Scatter a few life-size cardboard soldiers around your party area to make it look like an army base. In the alternative, you could have some of the parents or older siblings dress up in Army camos and stand guard over the premises. The country's flag should be visible, as should other army related paraphernalia.

ARMY PARTY FOOD IDEAS - After a long, hard day at battle, send your soldiers to the mess tent and serve up some Army-inspired foods. Try to serve your food up so that it looks like it is served in army type utensils.

Military Munchies - Turn military helmets upside down, line them with camouflage fabric, and fill with your favorite munchies. Things like chips, cookies, nuts, and crackers, all work very well.

Cannonballs - Cook up your favorite meatball recipe in a marinara sauce. Create Army toothpicks by affixing two identical Army stickers together with a toothpick in between. Put a toothpick in each of your cannonballs for easy snacking.

Birthday Rations - MRE's - Give your soldiers real MRE Army food, which stands for Meals Ready To Eat. You can obtain these from an Army surplus store.

Army Cookies - Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and cut out cookies in the shape of tanks, trucks, jets, etc. Decorate with various colored green, brown, and black frostings along with edible decorations to create the vehicle details.

Camouflage Cake - Bake a sheet cake and frost it white. Cover the cake with a camouflage pattern by spraying the cake black, brown, and green using Wilton's Color Mist food color spray. Create an Army scene by topping it off with plastic Army men, tanks, tents, and trucks.

Swamp Water Punch - Make lemonade and add some green food coloring. For added fun, make ice cubes with 'bugs' (raisins) inside of each cube.

These ideas for Army birthday parties will help get you started in creating an Army adventure for your special 'soldier.'

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