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An article to understand the history of the development

by:XinXing     2020-03-21
There are only two kinds of men in this world: Men in boots vs men without boots. Wearing boots may be due to instinct: There is a plot in the hot 'Crazy Animal City': the carnivorous animal is hit by a bullet made of a 'midnight howling' flower, which stimulates the instinct's beast instinct, becomes manic, and attacks the same kind. If the instinct of an animal is wild, what is the instinct of a man? conquer! Either conquer or be conquered. The battlefield is the place where men vent their desire to conquer. Defeat opponents and conquer disobedience in the name of lofty honor. Caesar once famously said: 'I come, I see, I win!' (VENI VEDI VECI) Genghis Khan also has a saying: 'If you fight, I will fight!' How many men don't take war as a fearful way, but a land of promise. And what is the most important equipment on the battlefield? Non-military boots! Either step on your own land or on the enemy's land. Strike thousands of miles, pound Huanglong directly, relying on a pair of military boots; the mighty army, solemn and solemn, relying on the military boots under his feet. Therefore, wearing military boots is a man's instinct! Today, let's talk about military boots: ――Standard military boots―― Bismarck said, 'The appearance of military boots and the sound of footsteps while marching are powerful weapons for the army.' To be able to say such a straight man, it seems that the Prime Minister must attach great importance to military boots. The fact is the same. As the Prussian army first and then the country, the Chongjun culture is deeply entrenched and attaches great importance to military uniforms. In the 1860s, Prussia produced the first batch of military boots, made of cowhide brown boots. During this period, other European powers such as the Russian, French, and British troops also used boots as standard military boots. Pairs of soldiers, wearing military boots, clicking and clicking, rubbing and rubbing, handsome and not unnecessary. Prior to this, in the long European history, although leather military boots had already appeared, they were mostly crude and uncomfortable. Even in the United States at that time, military boots were ugly and rough. In order to compete for better military boots, there has even been a war. It can be seen, soldiers, how can it be without good military boots? After the reunification of Germany, under the influence of Bismarck, more attention was paid to military boots. This turmoil affected Europe and the United States, and also affected the Qing Dynasty. Li Hongzhang is known as Oriental Bismarck. I do n’t know if it ’s because of Xi Xiangxi. In the Westernization Movement, all aspects of learning the West, even the details of military boots are not ignored. Is it to show off from Jie Jie and show that we are one channel? In the mid-to-late 19th century, the Qing government organized a Westernization movement to form a new army, allocating tan leather low-waist military boots. This is the first time that Chinese soldiers have put on Western-style military boots. In the thousands of years before, Chinese soldiers wore mainly cloth shoes. A variety of cloth shoes. The reason why they choose cloth shoes is related to the development of China's textile industry and animal husbandry from the perspective of economic conditions. As a large textile country, a large number of shoes are distributed, which has low cost and sufficient output; but if leather shoes are distributed, the output is insufficient and the cost is high. Ming Dynasty military uniform In fact, although the Westernization Movement introduced Western-style military boots, its popularity is still a very long process. Germany opened the beginning of the standard military boots, which were further developed in the following two world wars: -During the two wars- During World War I, The Allied forces replaced their long boots with low-waisted boots with leggings. The advantage is that it is more portable and is conducive to long distance marches. And Germany still insists on long boots: Although the military boots are bulky, they provide better protection of the feet and can more effectively prevent 'fighting feet' (because of the redness, swelling, blisters, and even gangrene of legs and feet caused by standing in the cold and humid trenches for a long time). This distinction is not absolute, and there are still many Allied officers wearing long military boots. The picture below shows the French officer's costume: During World War II, The Germans retained the officers' breeches and riding boots, as well as the soldier's black long boots. At the same time, short boots such as desert boots were also distributed. The US military mainly distributes M42 military boots and M43 high-waist combat boots with leather leggings. These two military boots also appeared in the elite Kuomintang troops in the late World War II.
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