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Anti-riot shield use steps

by:XinXing     2020-06-28
Riot shields can be seen everywhere in our lives, such as school security rooms, community gatehouses, or fights and fights. The police and armed police will hold riot shields to protect, narrow the scope, and arrest. Here, Xinxing, talk about the steps to use riot shields to help you better use riot shields. The steps to use anti-riot shields are: 1. The left arm passes through the strap, hold the handle firmly, and place your finger where you can touch the switch button. 2. If the shield has functions such as electric shock, strong light, and projectile, the corresponding switch needs to be turned on first, the work indicator light is on, and the finger can touch the switch button to start functions such as electric shock or strong light emission. 3. After not using, as long as the safety switch is turned off, it can be reset and stopped. When using the launching device, you can insert the bullets that need to be used into the bottom of the launching cylinder, and then turn on the corresponding safety switch. When the work indicator is on, your finger can turn on the corresponding gun firing switch. The launch function of the projectile is now. 4. When in danger, first think of how to protect yourself. At this time, grasp the shield with both hands, squat down, look ahead, and do a good guard posture. You can protect yourself as well as attack. 5. When encountering an attack, when a criminal stabs him with a sharp dagger, he can quickly block it with a shield and block the dagger. The action is that the left leg quickly advances a small step, and the right leg follows. Hold the shield in both hands and quickly shoot upward at a 45-degree angle. Attack you from the right with a dagger, use the shield to block the left, and attack you from the left with the shield to block the right. 6. Impact function: When it is found that it is a good time, it immediately launches an attack and strikes hard with a shield to prevent it from playing the role of a weapon in its hand. 7. Poke: Attacking with a shield is a good choice, being able to attack and defend. Grasp the shield with both hands and slam the opponent's chest at a 45-degree angle from top to bottom to effectively subdue the opponent. 8. Siege: Everyone holds a riot shield in a circle, surrounds the opponent in the middle, and attacks together in the middle, which can effectively subdue the opponent.
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