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Anti-riot suit wear training lays the foundation

by:XinXing     2020-09-27
A few days ago, in order to get into the fighting state faster and better, and improve the overall combat effectiveness, a special police brigade organized all members to carry out anti-riot uniforms.

During the training, the instructor explained in detail the skills and movement essentials of dressing, and focused on the problems that easily occurred during the dressing process. The players are listening carefully and repeating the practice. In the end, 'fast, standardized, and orderly' was used as the assessment standard, and everyone was assessed by timing, and the unqualified team members were re-intensified training.

With a whistle, unpacking, taking out clothes, putting on clothes, everything went in order, 'report', '1 minute 40 seconds', 'report', '1 minute 50 seconds'...Most team members tried their own Can complete the task of wearing riot suits within the target time. Through this training, the personal protection capabilities of the SWAT team members have been effectively improved, and the overall combat effectiveness of the SWAT team in handling sudden and mass incidents has also been further improved.
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