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Any suppliers selling battle dress uniform at ex-works price?
EXW is a method to ship battle dress . Sorry to have no such list , but producers may be advocated. When EXW shipping term is used, you are in charge of the whole shipment. This makes it impossible for the producer to inflate the regional expenses or include a margin to the delivery prices. You should pay for some costs that could happen during customs clearance, if the EXW shipping duration is applied. Additionally, in the event the producer doesn't have any export license, you have to pay for one. Generally, the manufacturer who has no export license often uses EXW shipping term.

China Xinxing Guangzhou Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. is an excellent manufacturer integrating development, design, production, and sales of army tactical gear. We are a well-known brand in this industry in China. According to the material, Xinxing's products are divided into several categories, and bulletproof vest is one of them. This product delivers optimum efficiency to the users. It provides the desired performance such as high wrinkle resistance. Xinxing has established a scientific and standardized production process, and has improved the quality control system. The production details are carefully controlled in an all-round way to ensure that rifle scope is a high-quality product that meets international standards.

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