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Application of anti-fog police cap

by:XinXing     2020-09-30
A hat is a very common thing, but have you ever seen a hat that can prevent smog? This is a special kind of police equipment. At present, Yangzhou has researched and manufactured this police cap with this “sky-defying” skill, and has obtained 20 patents in China, Japan and South Korea. It has also passed the Ministry of Public Security’s The test is expected to be promoted nationwide. This kind of police cap will occupy 90% of the national market and will be exported to many countries around the world.

What is special about this anti-smog police cap? It is mainly divided into two parts: the brim and the hat body. On the back of the brim, there is a thumb-sized display screen with specific data such as power, humidity, and negative ion concentration. A high-energy negative oxygen ion generator is also placed inside the brim. There are two extremely small carbon brush heads, which can release negative oxygen ions, which can form a concentration of 1.5 million/cubic centimeter on the human face, while the concentration of negative oxygen ions in Bama Changshou Village in Guangxi is only 50,000/cubic centimeter!

Medical experiments have shown that the concentration of negative oxygen ions up to 300,000∕cm3 has a therapeutic effect on respiratory tract and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The current anti-smog police cap can reach 5 times the content. I believe this product The application personnel on duty can better enforce the law, maintain more order, and can also guarantee their own safety!
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