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Are bulletproof vests really bulletproof?

by:XinXing     2020-09-14
Body armor refers to a type of protective clothing that can absorb the kinetic energy generated by bullets or explosive fragments to prevent it from harming the injured parts of the human body. Are bulletproof vests really bulletproof? I believe this is a unified question for many people who buy body armor. Here is the XINXING police equipment to explain to everyone:

There is no doubt that the bulletproof vests have bulletproof functions, but they can't be defended by much power. This is the same as the armors worn by people on the ancient battlefields. The function of body armor mainly has the following two aspects:

1. Bounce off the fragments formed by the fragmentation of the projectile body: high-speed fragments produced by the explosion of various explosives such as bombs, mines, artillery shells, and grenades are one of the main threats on the battlefield. According to the survey, the order of the threats faced by soldiers in a battlefield is: shrapnel, bullets, explosive blast and heat. Therefore, the function of the bulletproof piece must be emphasized.

2. Dissipate the kinetic energy of the warhead through bulletproof materials: The bullet will produce a great impact after hitting the target, and the damage produced by this impact on the human body is often fatal. This kind of injury does not show penetration, but it can cause internal injuries, and severe cases can be life-threatening. Dissipating the kinetic energy of the bullet so that the kinetic energy is reduced when the bullet hits the body is an important function of the body armor.

Are bulletproof vests really bulletproof? I believe that after the above explanation, everyone has a general understanding of the real function of body armor. At present, there are many materials of body armor on the market. If you want to make the bulletproof function more powerful, it is better to choose better bulletproof materials. When encountering a bullet attack, the damage will be minimal!
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