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Are there several types of stab-resistant clothing?

by:XinXing     2020-06-27
Are there several types of anti-stab suits on the market? Yes, there is more than one. The following editors of Jingjiang Gu'an police will introduce the two major categories of anti-stab clothing in detail. The first category: soft stab-resistant clothing It is used to resist the attacks of daggers and other common sharp objects on the human body. Bulletproof inserts can be added. Soft stab-resistant clothing made of stab-resistant material made of ultra-high-strength ultra-high-density polyethylene chopped yarn and aramid chopped yarn, also known as stab-resistant vest or stab-resistant clothing, can effectively block knives, daggers, etc. The attacks of thorns, cuts, and chopping of cold weapons fully protect the human torso and internal organs from harm. The material selected for the garment has excellent characteristics such as high breaking strength and large elastic modulus. Executive Standard: The People's Republic of China Ministry of Public Security GA68-2003 'stab-resistant clothing' standard Protection level: 24 joules of kinetic energy without revealing the tip of the knife. Anti-stab material surface density: <2.8 kg/m2, single layer density 184 g/m2. Anti-stab material weight: 830 g/m2 (protection area 0.3 m2). Protected area and weight: (Note: The weight of the product includes 0.3 kg of stab-resistant clothing cover) Scope of use: Public security, security, industry and commerce, taxation, urban management, customs, flight attendants, car drivers, etc. Service life: more than 50 years The second category: hard anti-stab clothing Using high-strength metal alloy sheet molding, willow molding, Anti-stab performance: meet the puncture requirements of the standard standard test cutter with 24 joules of kinetic energy. Protected area: ≧0.3m2, weight≦3.0kg, provide product liability insurance
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