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Arm shield

by:XinXing     2020-06-20
The riot shields you know no matter whether they are PC materials or aluminum alloy materials, the size is 900mm*500mm, but now there is a small, more flexible riot shield-arm shield, and everyone knows it is not too clear. Today, Xinxing will come to talk specifically about the arm shield. The material of the arm shield is aluminum alloy, and the weight is less than or equal to 1.8kg. Compared with other riot shields, the operation of the arm shield is easier, but the arm shield has the same bearing capacity as other riot shields. After the buckle of the arm strap is good, The connection between the armband of the arm shield and the shield body can also withstand a pull force of 500N, which is outstanding in the riot shield and is a good helper for close combat. Xinxing is a professional anti-riot shield manufacturer, welcome your cooperation.
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