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Army Rings Hooah!

by:XinXing     2020-10-03

The Army was the first branch of the military to recognize the graduate from the United State Military Academy with a ring. It happened over 150 years ago and the practice is still in place today. For many Army members, there is little they value more than their Army rings. This piece of military jewelry symbolizes the soldier's sacrifice and commitment and most would put up a good fight before this ring was taken from them.

There are a number of options available for Army rings. From the styles to materials and the emblems to the personalization, these rings become visual reminders of a soldier's service. It's important to get the design right, but you'll need to choose the style of ring that will best suit the service man or women, too. From a stylish signet ring with an insignia on top to a class ring style, there are Army rings that are perfect for everyone. However, it's the level of personalization that really makes these pieces of military jewelry so special.

Gold, silver, and Valedium - these are the precious metals that you can choose from. While gold and silver are quite beautiful, so is Valedium. This silver toned metal is harder than gold or silver is and is more resistant to wear. With some of the daily abuse these rings take, Valedium holds up better, with fewer scratches and scrapes. For those that want to wear their Army ring every day, this is a good choice.

Choosing the insignias and emblems for the sides of Army rings can be quite difficult. There are hundreds to choose from, including the Army crest, specialized unit insignias, or Army slogans. The sides of the ring are just one way to use such an emblem or symbol. The class ring style allows you place an insignia under the stone, which can be quite beautiful. Many choose the Army crest for this special spot. Others leave the stone as it is, which is also stunning.

The inside of the ring can be personalized, too. A short engraved message, a date, or initials are great choices for the engraving. It's also a good way to identify the ring if it's every lost or stolen. This is a wonderful way to show the solider in your life how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate their service and dedication.

Ordering the rings is easy. You can do all of it online. These Army rings are handmade, created by craftsman with decades of experience. It generally takes about two to three weeks to receive your ring and it can be shipped anywhere in the world. What a nice surprise it would be to send such a gift to your loved one stationed overseas.

In closing, Army rings are part of a long tradition. Each is as unique as the individual soldier is and will become something they treasure for many years to come. Honoring this country's military is something that we should never forget and one of the beautiful Army rings is a great way to do so.

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