Xinxing   NIJ  level  Products

NIJ IIIA level Multicam camouflage bulletproof vest

OEM & ODM & Custom

Khaki Body armor full protection ballistic jacket

OEM & ODM & Custom

Molle Quick Release Bulletproof Vest

OEM & ODM & Custom

Level III IV Swat bullet proof ballistic shield

OEM & ODM & Custom

Level III PE material wheeled ballistic shield

OEM & ODM & Custom

Level NIJ IV Pure PE Ballistic Plate

OEM & ODM & Custom

FAST design NIJ IIIA PE BulletProof Helmet

OEM & ODM & Custom

Ballistic Helmet MICH NIJ IIIA Aramid

OEM & ODM & Custom


OEM & ODM & Custom


Xinxing SGS Certified Product Features
Bulletproof Vest/Ballistic armor

Bulletproof Vest provides full protection area with neck, front,back and Shoulder. Constructed with advanced manufacturing techniques, the vest is camouflage desert color. The protection level offered is NIJ IIIA, the highest level for soft armor.

There is plate pocket design, can add the bulletproof plate.

Bulletproof Shield/ballistic shield

The Bulletproof Shield is the perfect product when you need protection beyond your vest.Bulletproof shields are useful when the threat of being shot is highest or when you need to protect more than just yourself.

Officers can use a ballistic shield to knock on bad guys’ doors or to shield bystanders from a dangerous situation.  

Bulletproof helmet/fast/arc

Bulletproof helmets made of bulletproof materials, such as high-strength PE and Aramid,

can effectively prevent the injury to the head of the human body by 54 pistols and 51 ordinary bombs, 

also widely used in public security, finance, security and other staff in need of protection.


Xinxing Company Introduction
31+ Years Law Enforcement Supplier

Established since 1989, we are a franchised professional manufacturer/supplier for military & police equipment.Located in Guangzhou and with our own bulletproof products factory and hundreds of professional manufacture suppliers covering every other kind of products, We could supply best service, support and products and offer good suggestion and quick solutions.

Military & Police bidding solutions

We have great experience in military and police bidding projects all around the world for decades. We know a lot about foreign countries’ bidding process and every test results they want, therefore we will be great help for you when you working on bidding/tender projects.

Trusted by worldwide law enforcement team

established business relationship with more than 100 countries.every year more than 30 delegations from Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior visit our company.

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