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BDU common sense

by:XinXing     2020-09-03
BDU is the abbreviation of BATTLE DRESS UNIFORM. The U.S. military has worn combat uniforms and regular service occasions since World War I. Combat uniforms are generally used in combat, military training, and daily service.

1 Preliminary common sense of the U.S. active service BDUs. The U.S. active service BDUs have been installed since the early 1980s. There is not much difference in BDU styles among USA, USN, USMC, and USAF. The difference between the military types lies in military caps and badges. High combat hats, USMC and USN wear octagonal hats, and Penney hats are used by all services. The active-duty BDU jacket has five buttons on the loose hem (the collar buttons are exposed and the rest are hidden), two upper box pockets, and two lower box pockets. Both have flaps. The upper pocket is covered by two buttons. The left breast pocket has Pencil case. The top has no shoulder loops (sometimes there are a few shoulder loops). Waist loops were seen in the styles before the mid-90s, but I believe they have been cancelled in the later period. The cuffs have cuff loops and three buttons for adjusting the elasticity. For the sake of combat convenience, some special forces used to remove the chest pockets and sew them on the arms, remove the lower pockets and sew them diagonally on the chest, and tie their jackets into their trousers during combat.

2 The collection of the US military BDU:    First of all, we must clarify the concept that military products are only divided into two categories: the military version officially purchased by the military (that is, the GOVERNMENT ISSUE) and the commercial version provided to the civilian market. The current domestic military market is in concept It’s too confusing. In fact, whether it’s foreign trade products, original civilian versions, foreign orders, military-regulated civilian versions, imitations, high imitations..., no matter whether these goods are of good workmanship or poor, or even the same as the military version, As long as it is not bought by the army, it can be classified as a commercial version, and as long as it is determined that it was bought by the army, it is a military version. After clarifying this concept, we then talked about identifying the military commercial version through technical means such as label (LABEL) and clothing version. Of course, some friends have to ask, what is the version purchased by individual U.S. troops such as CAMELBAG, DANNER shoes, BATE shoes, BLACKEAGLE holsters, and PROTECH helmets without military SPO, DLA contract numbers and warehouse numbers, I personally think, In this case, if something was bought by the US military first and then turned into your hands, both old and new are considered military versions, but if it comes to you directly from the manufacturer through market channels, hehe, then The same thing has become a commercial version, this is the collection, hehehe. For example, the PROTECH helmet used by DELTA FORCE is an out-and-out skateboard helmet. If you get it from a soldier, you can blow NB with someone. The older you get, the more N you get, and the more bullet holes on it. N; but if it is a skateboarder who sells you, he is not a famous skater, does it mean that the older he is, the less valuable he is? Hey, this is collection, this is collection, hehehe. Of course, the commercial version can indeed be subdivided into REPRODUCE, COMMERCIAL VERSION, or even MILITARY STYLE, etc., to be discussed later.

Then there is the issue of distinguishing the true and false military version of the BDU that everyone is most concerned about: First of all, you must first make sure that you are like the master and I am a paranoid who does not buy the non-military version, or you can wear the domestic commercial version to coax people. Yes, as long as the color is relatively correct, it is still very stylish. I believe that no one on the street will turn over your clothes and pants to check the LABEL of your clothes. The key to buying the commercial version is that the price is cheap and the quantity is sufficient! However, you are indeed a narcissistic sulky person. It is a non-military version. The most important advice I give you is to find a merchant you absolutely trust to buy, and you also need the merchant to have a good experience and good military uniform collection. Supply channels (otherwise he doesn’t know if he has bought fakes). why would you said this? Because the technical content of BDU is very low, except for the anti-infrared coating which is very difficult to test, everything else is very good to imitate. If someone is full and supports it, it can definitely imitate the military version in version, label, ink The numbers are all exactly the same BDU, so finding a business that will not deceive you with fakes is more reliable than any technical identification method. The best thing is to make friends with the merchant first, he will be embarrassed to cheat you, is it, God’s armed, AK, KING2KYLE..., are you very depressed, because I am embarrassed to sell me high-priced goods, hey Hehe.

   Speaking of technical identification methods, the military version can only be compared with the commercial version which is not very well-made. The main points are as follows:

1 LABEL (label): The military version is made of non-woven fabric, green or white, depending on the age. It was white in the early 1980s and before. Since the 1980s, the green label is the main one, and the middle and late 1990s also have white labels. , The characters will not fade easily after washing, often after washing N many times, the non-woven fabric is pilled first, and then the characters slowly fade. The commercial version is also made of green non-woven fabric. The fading characteristics after washing are the same as the military version. The poorly made plastic leather and cloth pieces are available, and the words will fade after washing. The position of the LABEL of the military version has been for BDU since the 1960s: the inside of the collar of the jacket is the size indicator, the inside of the lower right pocket is the washing instruction indicator, the back of the pants waist is the size indicator, and the inside of the right back pocket is for wearing Washing instruction label. The commercial version has the same label position as the military version, but most of them (especially the products of small domestic factories) are stitched in various ways.

2 Contract number: The so-called contract number is the number of the procurement contract for the procurement of military supplies by the U.S. military. Generally speaking, from the M1 tank F22 fighter jet to the panty, socks, and face cloth, as long as the supplies issued by the military have a contract number, the BDU contract number is printed in Wearing washing instructions are marked, generally DSA***-**-*-****, DLA***-**-*-****, or SPO***-**-*- **** (MARINE also has DAAD**-**-*-**** format), * represents numbers, except for the third group, which is only one letter, and the second group of numbers represents contract arrival The specific meanings of other numbers and letters are clearest to Fatty, please come out and add it! Except for BDU, the position of the contract number of other clothes is not necessarily, but most of them are marked on the washing instructions for wearing. The commercial version does not have the military contract number. Of course, some people who pursue high imitation or sell high prices to disguise the military version will print the contract number, or even print it wrong. There are two points to explain about the contract number: 1 is that different military supplies and even different services have different coding methods for the contract number. For example, the contract number of the flying jacket is only DSA or DLA plus a set of numbers (sorry forgot to be 7 digits) (It's still a few digits), 2 Some things are civilian products purchased directly by military units with more privileges. This kind of stuff does not have a contract number. 3 Ink number: After receiving the manufacturer’s BDU, the U.S. military will print one or two more ink numbers, usually five digits. Generally speaking, the shirt is printed on the inner side of the flap and the collar of the upper left pocket, and the pants are on the left side. The inside of the flap of the leg pockets and the inside behind the waistband. However, some commercial BDUs that deliberately pretend to be the military version will also be stamped with ink numbers. 4 Manufacturers: Just like fashion, the U.S. military's BDU also has some high-quality 'brand-name' manufacturers. The more famous ones are: PROPPER INTERNATIONAL, AMERICAN APPEAL, EA, etc. Of course, there are many factories that do BDU for the U.S. military. The quality of the quasi-famous brand is more guaranteed. The workmanship of my jungle camouflage BDU pants made by PROPPER is much better than that of a jungle jacket made by some other brand. The well-known commercial version manufacturers include TRUE-SPEC and ROTHCO. ROTHCO has a sub-brand called ULTRA FORCE, which is cheaper than ROTHCO. TRUE-SPEC has a sub-brand called TIGER-STRAP, which specializes in the production of various tabby camouflage stuff. Yes, it sells very well in Taiwan, after all, the original Vietnam Tabby is scarce and expensive. There is also a Japanese company called ALL WIN. Recently, the replica digital camouflage on the market seems to be under the brand of this company. 5 Details about the workmanship of the clothes:    (1) Believe me, most of the military version is worse than the workmanship of the brand-name commercial version;    (2) The drain hole under the pocket: The domestic commercial version is not available, or it is really very good rotten! Compare the military version to know, but first of all, the military version does not necessarily have a drain hole under the pocket. I haven’t figured out the rules of its equipment until now. I have seen both military temperate BDU and tropical BDU. There are also drain holes without drain holes. Therefore, the drain hole can only be used as a reference for judgment. The military version of the drain hole is generally made better. Even the military version with poor workmanship does a good job. I have not seen any commercial version of the drain hole. It is better than the military version. (3) A netizen on another station was also asking how to identify the military version of the BDU. This netizen considered very carefully, including the fabric used, the color stripes, the percentage of each color usage, the position of the buttons, the width of the cuffs, etc. In fact, the military version is not so mysterious, exaggerated and strict. BDUs from different manufacturers and different batches are generally different. In addition, the military sometimes has some minor revisions, so it is difficult to use these version differences as a basis for identification.
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