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Brief introduction of similarities and differences

by:XinXing     2020-05-13
1. Structural differences Most military backpacks use outer frame bags, while outdoor backpacks, anyway, as far as the current market situation is concerned, are all inner frame bags. The difference between the two is literally the same as it is from reality. As the name implies, the inner rack bag is the bracket at the back of the backpack inside the bag, and the outer rack bag is the bracket outside the bag. You can see it naked. When the early processing technology was not mature enough, the outer frame bag used to dominate the world. The main body of this backpack is actually an H-shaped, or U-shaped, or mouth-shaped metal shelf, plus one or more ordinary backpacks hanging on the shelf. Form a common carrying system. The characteristic of this kind of carrying is that the combination method is flexible. When you need to bring more things, you can hang a big bag, when you do n’t carry much, you can hang a small bag. . You can also directly hang the stove and the box on it. The shortcomings of this type of carrying are also obvious: the center of gravity is inconvenient to move down, and the weight of the carrying is pressed on the shoulder, which is not comfortable enough and easy to fatigue. With the advancement of processing technology, the inner frame bag has occupied the world of outdoor bags that do not require high combination performance. After the support is moved inwards, the belt is given more space, and the thick belt sits on the hips, which can share the burden of the shoulders to a considerable extent. The overall force point moves down, and the center of gravity is lower. 2. The difference in materials The materials of early military bags and outdoor bags are the same: canvas. The material of the bracket is the same: metal. Part of the current military bag still adheres to the style of ordinary canvas and oxford cloth. Due to the heavy load requirements, the metal brackets are basically still sounding. The outdoor bags are basically made of lighter DuPont fabrics (also high-end military bags), and the brackets are also more light metal, and some have even used carbon fiber. There are also ultra-light backpacks designed for high-altitude mountaineering, using thinner and stronger materials to control the weight of the backpack to two kilograms or less. The weight of the military bag is basically higher than that of the outdoor bag. 3. Differences in details High-grade military backpacks often have a quick release button design, which is convenient for quickly removing the backpack to counterattack after encountering an enemy. Of course, outdoor backpacks certainly do not have this requirement, and there is no such button, but some outdoor bags will be more Put a whistle on the badge, but I haven't seen a military bag yet. The appearance of military backpacks is usually more clean and uncluttered. There are no cluttered points on ordinary outdoor backpacks, but this is not conducive to hanging trekking poles, ice axes, spare shoes, outerwear, drinking glasses, and hanging when we travel. . . . Hanging a lot of small things that we may use at hand-it is annoying to always have to remove the backpack and open it to get them-wasting physical energy is not a problem in itself. And there are often things that are inconvenient to put in the backpack and need to be plugged in, such as: household garbage that needs to be taken away with me, and dry firewood that I like to pull at any time to facilitate the campfire at night. Military backpacks often see designs that are convenient for rest, such as seat cushions for the US military and small chairs for the Japanese army. This outdoor bag is generally not provided. The size of military backpacks cannot be adjusted, and outdoor backpacks can generally be adjusted according to the user's body. There are many external partitions of military backpacks, which are convenient for quickly accessing different kinds of things, while the exterior of outdoor backpacks usually only have one or two compartments to put some common items. The other is the obvious color difference, one is green or camouflage, one is extremely bright red black and so on. 4. The difference in price Domestic military bag: outer frame bag, ordinary fabric, metal bracket, the price is more than one hundred yuan, such as the domestic 91 military backpack foreign ordinary military bag: outer frame bag, better fabric, metal bracket, the price is hundreds of yuan to one thousand Yuan varies. Like the British Bogan backpack. Foreign high-end military bags: both internal frame bags and external frame bags, DuPont fabrics, high-strength light metal brackets, the price is thousands of dollars, such as the US SPEAR backpack system (the whole set of things can only be described by the system) Outdoor low-grade backpack: inner frame bag, ordinary fabric, metal bracket, the price is about three hundred yuan, such as polar, INWAY. Outdoor mid-range backpack: inner frame bag, DuPont fabric, metal bracket, the price is between 500 yuan and 1,000 yuan. Netizens reply: As a donkey + military enthusiast, most of the various bags mentioned above have been used or seen, discuss together; I feel that the carrying system of the outer frame bag is more comfortable. On the one hand, the frame is not limited by the size of the bag, and the load balance center of gravity can be distributed in a larger range. The design of the belt, the weight of the outer frame bag is more on the shoulders, I can't agree. In particular, the outer frame bag can support the bag and the back a certain distance, and the ventilation behind the long-distance carrying is good, which I like very much. In addition, the basic shape of the outer skeleton bag is controlled by the skeleton. It is better to control the overall weight and shape of the bag when the weight of the items in the bag is uneven and the shape is different. Moreover, some high-end civilian backpacks, on the contrary, the proportion of the outer skeleton has increased. The obvious disadvantage of the outer frame package is that there are many exposed frames, which are easily hooked in dense woodland. The army's demand for weight-bearing weight is more complicated. On the one hand, it is impossible to let the infantry on foot carry too much weight. After all, it is not an ordinary civilian crossing. It can only be done through the walk. And it also carries tens of kilograms of weapons, so the military bag on foot, such as Alice, will not be too large, and the load will not be as bt as the civilian 80 liter. The domestic 91 will not be so big if it is not for carrying a quilt, and carrying such a big bag, mainly used for training, marching, and will not be used as a bag in the field. Even if you really train and transfer, there are other bags like moving bags, and these things are either placed in the camp or on the vehicle during combat. The really accompanying combat backpack contains the necessary supplies, ammunition, and equipment. It is not heavy and bulky. As for the plug-in of military bags and civilian bags, I feel that most of the items in the bp Liuliu package are still stored in the bag. You need to remove it when you take it. It can only be taken out. The so-called plug-in is nothing more than a simple fixing point such as a kettle, stick, mat, etc. The space is not large, and the plug-in will also dangle. Many things stored in the military bag need to be taken out at the first time, such as grenades, another base bullet, first aid kit, food, etc., so the main cabin is mainly used for clothing and other things that will be used for camping at night. Others The above-mentioned emergency supplies are all used in the main cabin with a considerable amount, not small in size, covered with a top cover, and a stable outer bag, which is convenient for reliable and fast access. There is also one of the most obvious features: All military products, including military bags, are cheap and beneficial to production. Therefore, this feature will be reflected in design, materials, craftsmanship, and price; it is obviously different from the diverse civilian packages for different user groups. In this case, the soldiers who use military bags are all people of a specific age, body, and physical strength, so they will be different from those suitable for young and old in terms of design. Also, a personal experience. The design of the military bag carrying system, especially the straps and belts, is generally not designed in the most suitable position. I guess that the user of the military bag is not just a bag on his body, he also has to take into account the H / Y shoulder on his body. Belts, belts, gun belts, tactical vests and other equipment, in order to prevent interference in their positions, the military bag with a relative position slightly inferior to the above equipment, in the relevant design, it is necessary to give way to the above items, and use a non-optimal position People don't need to consider it.
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