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Bulletproof equipment ranking list

by:XinXing     2020-09-08
China is a country that advocates peace. Even so, our soldiers continue to practice every day to prepare for emergencies. After the actual battlefield, it is very fierce. The swords and guns are not eye-catching, so bulletproof equipment has become a weapon for our defense. So which bulletproof equipment should the soldiers choose? The following Anhua police use equipment to introduce to you, the different bulletproof levels, the application occasions are also different, you can read the corresponding introduction of the editor before making the corresponding choice!

1. First-class body armor
The first-level body armor can reduce the damage effect by 30%. For those who are new to the battlefield and do not need to go deep into the enemy, the bulletproof effect of this body armor is enough, and it can save your life at critical moments!

Second, secondary body armor
The second-level body armor is an upgraded version of the first-level body armor. The damage effect can be reduced by 40%. It is an indispensable weapon for the soldiers ahead. It can provide soldiers with powerful weapons in encounters, ambushes, and long-range snipers. Guaranteed.

Three, three-level body armor
The three-level body armor has more functions than the previous two levels. It is used by special forces. The damage can be reduced by 50%. In the actual battlefield, if you hit an enemy head-on, you don’t need to be afraid, you can calm down. Take out the rifle, and when the enemy falls in front of you, you will be thankful that you are wearing a three-level body armor, giving yourself confidence!

Fourth, the pan
Why is the pan also in my bulletproof equipment rankings? The following editor will explain to everyone: Compared with body armor, it has no damage reduction effect, but it can block bullets. If your gun is out of bullets during a battle, but the opponent shoots at you again, then what should we do? The pan can save your life at a critical moment, or if you knock the pan on the opponent's head, maybe you can get a glimmer of life?

Five, bulletproof armored vehicles
As the name suggests, it is an armored car with bulletproof effect. In actual battles, this is very practical. It can block bullets fired from all directions and act as a protective wall for yourself; you can also see that people catch up with it as a fight. , Capture guns, and enrich ammunition for your troops!
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