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Bulletproof vest + Nigeria

Bulletproof Vest + Nigeria

Product: Bulletproof vest

End user: Nigeria

Partner Country: Nigeria

Customer Type: Dealer

Source: Alibaba

The quantity purchased by the customer: 1000 pieces

Total project value: $145,000

Order process details: 

Through the Alibaba platform, I received an inquiry from customer A which asked 1000 pieces of bulletproof vests. Customer A did not provide technical specifications at the beginning. Through continuous communicating with customer A, we knew that the protection level he wanted was NIJ IV. Customer A wanted us to suggest the suitable material to him,so we recommended the bulletproof vest in which material of soft layer is PE and hard plate is ceramic composite. Customer A agreed with the price which we offered and we sent the sample which meet customer's approval. Then customer A placed the order, we started to arrange the bulk order production and deliver the goods to the customer on time. 

Customer A was pretty satisfied with our service and product quality after receiving the goods, he hopes to have long-term cooperation with our company.

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