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Camouflage jacket+ Kuwait

Camouflage Jacket+ Kuwait

Product: Military camouflage jacket

End user: Kuwait  Armed Forces of Ministry of Defence

Customer’s country: Kuwait

Customer from: Official website

Product quantity: 15000 pcs

Project value: 300,000.00


The Trans Group from Kuwait found our contact info from our official website  in 2016 and visit our office with their own samples. The sample was a USA military jacket style which was super high quality and fine sewing and finishing.  We offered estimited price after quick checking based on experiences which simulated the interest of the customer and also trust. The decided to leave the sample with us for sample making. We started from fabric weaving, color dyeing and printing, to design refining and final sewing. We arranged four kinds of fabric for the customer’s comparing and choosing. All the samples work takes 3 months in total due to 3 times of idea alteration from the customer. Hard effort pays off with a 300,000.00 US dollars order confirmation finally. The customer spoke highly of our excellent work, OEM ability and high bulk production quality. In the year 2017 and 2018, we got more orders from this customer.

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