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Can bulletproof vests protect against bullets?

by:XinXing     2020-06-24
Many people have this question. Can bulletproof vests be bulletproof? Can any bullet be protected? Of course not. Not all bullets can withstand bullets. According to the standards for bullet-proof vests formulated by the Ministry of Public Security, the bullet-proof vests have reached a certain level and can indeed resist bullets fired by ordinary pistols. However, when fighting at close range, you must wear bulletproof plates, bulletproof vests and bulletproof plates, but the first-line executives' self-defense magic weapon, let the Xinxing editor answer the question 'Can bulletproof vests be bulletproof?' Depending on the type of bulletproof vest, the level of protection, and the firing distance of the bullet, at a certain distance, some types of bulletproof vest can protect against specific bullets. If it is two or three kilometers away, it is another matter. At present, the international body armor is roughly divided into seven levels. The body armor with the strongest protection can resist most automatic rifles in the world. This must be in the case of wearing a protective insert. Body armor can prevent the impact of debris caused by stray bullets, bombs and grenades, so wearing body armor can also greatly reduce the casualty rate. The body armor is made of special materials. It is much heavier than ordinary clothes. After the soldiers put on the body armor, of course, the flexibility also has an effect, but compared to the flesh and bullets, the body armor is very necessary. Indispensable just need. Even if the body armor is bulletproof, it is painful to be hit by the person wearing the body armor. There will be some soft tissue contusion, congestion and even rib fractures at the corresponding parts of the hit...but it is better than being directly hit by a bullet. After all, we are flesh and blood. In summary, Xinxing editors can say that bulletproof vests are bulletproof, but it should be noted that not all bullets are protected, and they can withstand them in time, and they will also suffer different degrees of internal injuries. Therefore, our frontline combatants should always pay attention to the surrounding environment. Hiding and hiding, Xinxing has been developing a new generation of body armor, hoping to protect the combatants without affecting operations, and hope that this new generation of body armor will come out earlier.
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