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Can EOD suits be bulletproof?

by:XinXing     2020-09-27
As mentioned in the components of the EOD suit, the EOD suit is a special clothing for all-round self-protection by EOD experts. So can the explosion-proof EOD suit with such a powerful explosion-proof function be bulletproof? With this question, Anhua Police did a research with equipment.

The conclusion is affirmative. The EOD suit uses a whole piece of bulletproof glass to provide comprehensive protection for the head, face and neck. The bulletproof plate on the chest and abdomen is fixed with the bulletproof glass, and the EOD personnel are like a moving bulletproof shield when performing tasks. When explosives explode, EOD personnel may encounter super-strong shock waves, sound waves, etc., causing the head to fall back to form a cervical spine fracture. The bulletproof glass can withstand more than 85% of the shock waves, sound waves and other injuries. The bulletproof material of each sleeve tube and trouser leg of the EOD suit is composed of two sections, which can be worn by EOD personnel conveniently.

It can be seen that the EOD suit is bulletproof, and in a sense is more powerful than the body armor, and can be selected according to the actual application.
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