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Can military helmets really block bullets?

by:XinXing     2020-05-28

As a protective gear for protecting the head, the helmet can be seen everywhere in daily life, especially as a military equipment, it is worn by soldiers from various countries. But is it really bulletproof if you use a military helmet on the battlefield?

 In fact, the use of helmets has appeared since ancient times. At that time, tribes often fought to fight for territory and food, and the head as the most vulnerable part of the human body, if hit by the enemy, it was usually non-dead It hurts, so the ancients thought of using hard materials such as coconut shells or armadillo shells (qiú yú ke) to protect the head. Later, with the advent of the smelting technology, people gradually began to use various metal weapons, and metal helmets were born. It can effectively defend against the cold blows of various cold weapons. The earliest in human history The metal helmet is the Yinxu helmet of China. However, until modern society, the emergence of thermal weapons such as pistols and rifles, the bronze helmets under the old craftsmanship could no longer meet the needs of war. After hundreds of years of hard work, it was not until World War I that France developed a military helmet that was able to withstand the fragments of artillery shells. There is such an interesting thing about this extraordinary invention: during World War I, The use of various new thermal weapons has caused a large number of casualties among soldiers of various countries, but most of them were not killed by the enemy, but were killed by fragments of bullets scattered around. One day, a French soldier on duty on the front line saw the German artillery shells attack, anxiously buckled a nearby iron pan over his head, and the flew shrapnel flew off after hitting the iron pan. A major general was inspired after hearing such things, so he ordered the rear to quickly develop such a steel helmet. This is also the prototype of a modern helmet. Because of its obvious role, this military helmet has been used by all countries in the world. However, even with steel helmets, soldiers still have to be careful, because this kind of helmet can't block the attack of bullets. Even a more scientific and reasonable modern helmet can be broken by a pistol with a short range of power. Therefore, the soldiers wear helmets not to block bullets, but to block various spattered shell fragments.                                

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