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Can stab-resistant clothing really prevent stabs?

by:XinXing     2020-09-14
The stab-resistant clothing is made of stab-resistant materials made of ultra-high-strength ultra-high-density polyethylene chopped yarn and aramid chopped yarn. It can effectively block the attacks of cold weapons such as knives and daggers. Protect the body and internal organs from injury. The stab-resistant clothing implements the GA68-2008 'Stab-resistant clothing' standard. The relevant requirements of this standard are: protection level 24 joules of kinetic energy, no blade tip; surface density of stab-resistant materials: <10 kg/m2; protection area and weight: 2.8 kg. Is the stab-resistant suit really resistant to stabs? Let’s introduce the police equipment from XINXING!

XINXING police equipment is a professional manufacturer of stab-resistant clothing, and generally tests the corresponding functions of the product when making products. There are generally two types of stab-resistant clothing: hard stab-resistant clothing and soft stab-resistant clothing; we have used real knives to test the stab resistance of these two types of clothing!

Hard stab-resistant clothing test: We place the clothes on the table. We all know that when the clothes are worn on the human body, when the body is stabbed, the soft body can absorb part of the energy, but the clothes are placed on a fixed On the table, all the energy of the stabbing will be transferred to the clothes. According to the ministerial product standard, the protection level of the stab-resistant clothing is 24 joules of kinetic energy. We thrust the knife into the liner of the stab-resistant clothing, and the stab-resistant clothing is not pierced.

Soft stab-resistant clothing test: Similarly, put the stab-resistant clothing on the table and stab the knife forcefully. For the 16-layer stab-resistant clothing, the tip of the knife only penetrates 9 layers. If we have more power, we may reach the 12th floor.
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