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Can the four-eye night vision device satisfy the

by:XinXing     2020-05-19
Will the special forces be satisfied with the GPNVG18 four-eye night vision device? The answer is definitely no! Recently, the 'Soldier System' website revealed a message that the US special forces used the Tilo3Z + thermal imaging camera developed by Andres Industries in Afghanistan. As you can see from the photo, the helmet of this special forces member is equipped with a GPNVG18 night vision device on the front and a Tilo3Z + thermal imager on the left. After lifting the GPNVG18 night vision device, you can put down the Tilo3Z + thermal imager, which falls right in front of your left eye. At this time, the left eye is observed through Tilo3Z +, and the right eye is aimed using the sight on the rifle. Since the imaging principles of the thermal imager and the night vision device are different, they can complement each other and better observe the target under dark night conditions. The special forces member also has a fill light on the right side of the helmet to improve night vision. Wearing the Argus goggles from TheonSensors can protect your eyes from sand and dust, and will not affect the use of night vision equipment. The US Special Forces stated that although TILO-3Z + is used almost daily, no technical problems have occurred. There are only slight traces of use on the surface, showing the absolute robustness and first-class manufacturing process of this small thermal imager. Another configuration is the combination of binocular night vision and Tilo3Z + thermal imager, which looks more simple and practical. Remove the night vision goggles on the left and put down the Tilo3Z + thermal imager. Considering that the image of the night vision device is green, the image mode of Tilo3Z + is adjusted to 'ColdGreen' color. The TILO series thermal imagers have multiple display modes to better observe the environment. Due to the simultaneous use of night vision and thermal imaging cameras, it has a very strong tactical advantage. Through ACtinBlack's 30mm adapter, the Tilo3Z + thermal imager can be installed in front of various sights, making it a thermal imaging sight. The German special forces installed the Tilo3Z + thermal imager on the Schmidt & Bender 1.5-6 × 24mm sight, acting as a “thermal image plug-in”. There is also a miniature red dot sight above the sight, which can aim at a fast moving target at close range and can be used as a backup for the sight. Observation test results of 100-350 meters on a 30 × 40cm steel target show that after the sun rises, the target can be well identified at 50 meters. After a distance of more than 150 meters, the combination of Tilo3Z + thermal imager and sight The use effect is not ideal, and the target cannot be accurately identified. The Tilo3Z + image is 320 × 256 pixels at 60 Hz, and the objective lens is smaller, which limits the use of the effect. If you need to obtain a recognition effect 150 meters away, you need to choose the combination of TILO6Z + and 3x lens. Use IRLED (infrared LED) on TILO-3Z + to illuminate the target, observe the completely dark modular board room through three different third-generation night vision devices, and evaluate the effect of brightness on image enhancement. The first is the GPNVG night vision device, which uses the L3InsightTechnologyL3 image enhancement tube (green phosphor), which has no effect when IRLED is turned on. Observation effect at the lowest brightness. Note: The real image is significantly better than the effect shown in the photo. Observation effect at the highest brightness. GogglesFGE night vision device, using L3InsightTechnology image enhancement tube (white phosphor), has no effect when IRLED is turned on. Observation effect at the lowest brightness. Observation effect at the highest brightness. The GogglesArgusPanoptes night vision device, using TheonSensorsGen3ITT image enhancement tube (green phosphor), has no effect when IRLED is turned on. Observation effect at the lowest brightness. Observation effect at the highest brightness. TILO-3Z + Infrared LED can be used with the third-generation image enhancement tube of American night vision device, it is easy to identify targets and weapons. The premise of use is completely dark, and the distance is short, the distance between the two is 20-30 meters. Tests have shown that the enhancement effect of IRLED on American night vision devices is far less than that of European products, because the latter enhances the induction effect of IRLED long-wave light. TILO-3Z + is a very suitable thermal imager, which can be used in conjunction with night vision and sights.
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