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Chinese military responds to anti-epidemic hot spots

by:XinXing     2020-04-30
The press conference of the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council was held in the State Council Office on the morning of the 2nd. At the press conference, Chen Jingyuan, Director of the Health Bureau of the Logistics Department of the Central Military Commission, Zhao Haifei, Deputy Director of the Comprehensive Planning Bureau, and Zhang Tianxiang, Deputy Director of the Transportation and Delivery Bureau. Hot topic of pneumonia epidemic. The press conference that day was the first time since the outbreak of the outbreak that military personnel attended the press conference of the joint defense and joint control mechanism. Unlike previous press conferences, the personnel attending the press conference rarely appeared in training uniforms. The training uniforms were dressed for combat, which shows that the PLA is engaged in an epidemic-free battle against smoke. So far, the PLA has dispatched personnel and equipment to key epidemic prevention and control areas that are widely concerned by the outside world. A number of military leaders in relevant fields introduced at the press conference that the Chinese army has selected more than 4,000 medical forces in batches to carry out medical treatment of diagnosed patients, and the troops stationed in Hubei have more than 160 people and more than 130 vehicles to carry out material transportation support. task. As of March 1, Huoshanshan Hospital has admitted 1,597 patients with new crowns, and 611 have been cured and discharged. As of March 1, the capacity support team has dispatched more than 2,500 vehicles, transported more than 8,500 tons of necessities for people's lives, and nearly 23,700 pieces (sets) of medical protection materials; dispatched 4 helicopters and transferred 6.5 tons of medical materials. Zhao Haifei, deputy director of the Comprehensive Planning Bureau of the Military Logistics Department of the Military Commission, introduced at the press conference that the Military Commission specially established a joint defense and joint control working mechanism led by the Military Logistics Department of the Military Commission, with the participation of relevant departments and major units of the Military Commission, and unified organization and coordination of the army to respond to public emergencies. For health incidents, actively participate in the State Council's epidemic prevention and control joint prevention and control work mechanism, and actively participate in the central guidance team to Hubei to strengthen military and local coordination. In response to a Reuters reporter's question about why there was no new coronavirus infection in the Chinese military, Chen Jingyuan, director of the health bureau of the Military Logistics Department of the Military Commission, responded that the army participated in epidemic prevention and control, and adhered to the country's unified deployment and arrangement, and adhered to the national 'one game of chess.' At the same time, strengthen unified leadership, unified command and unified actions for epidemic prevention and control, and do a good job of overall coordination. Under the unified command and unified deployment of the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission, and Chairman Xi, we have adhered to the national unified prevention and control requirements and strengthened the troops' own prevention and control. 'We have also taken measures to strengthen military personnel's prevention and control knowledge training, control personnel's outings and exchanges, and reduce gatherings and gatherings to control the epidemic. At the same time, we have actively adjusted training work arrangements to reduce collective activities. Through our effective and orderly prevention and control Measures to enable the troops to have very good training and order of life and be in good combat readiness. '
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