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Classification of police stab-resistant clothing

by:XinXing     2020-09-25
There are many police equipment, such as anti-riot helmets, leather multifunctional belts, telescopic batons and so on. Of course, police stab-resistant clothing is also an indispensable equipment, which plays an important role when performing tasks and can reduce injuries to police personnel.

Police stab-resistant clothing is divided into two categories: hard stab-resistant clothing and soft stab-resistant clothing, of which soft stab-resistant clothing is divided into full-soft and semi-soft types.

Hard stab-resistant clothing is heavy and has a strong load-bearing feeling; full-soft, light weight, easy to wear, but more expensive, generally three times the hard stab-resistant clothing; semi-soft combines the advantages of the above two materials in one , While having a stronger anti-stab effect, reducing its own weight to a lower level, the price is not so expensive. The soft quality is generally made of multiple layers of kevlar or polyethylene sheet overlap, and is produced according to the Ministry of Public Security's anti-puncture standard. Generally, it has 23 layers, which can effectively prevent all kinds of daggers from puncturing. Hard use steel plate as the anti-stab layer, and some can even prevent low-level bullets. Semi-soft uses thin steel plate or high tenacity polycarbonate wrapped non-woven fabric or other fabric as stab-resistant layer.

Police stab-resistant clothing is a particularly important equipment for police officers on duty. XINXING police equipment hopes that everyone can choose the type of stab-resistant clothing reasonably according to the actual situation, so as to ensure their own safety and let the stab-resistant clothing play Maximum efficacy.
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