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Comparison of military uniforms among China, the

by:XinXing     2020-06-17
Military uniform is an external symbol of a soldier and a unique symbol of a national army. The military uniforms of China, the United States and Russia are the most representative in the world, not only reflecting the heroic image of their own soldiers, but also showing their powerful power. United States Marine Corps The military uniforms of active US troops are stylish and beautiful, and can be summarized as 'simple and straight.' The U.S. military uniform is a collection of a wide variety. According to the four major services of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Marine Corps, there are five series of uniforms, robes, evening dresses, training uniforms and work clothes. There are more than 150 kinds of light clothing. . The United States has very strict and detailed regulations on military uniforms. Not only are there many differences between different military uniforms, even within the same military uniform, there are differences in military uniforms, and these differences are mainly reflected in the details. The design of the US military uniform is waist-reducing, and the size is generally relatively narrow, which forces American soldiers to always pay attention to weight control. Since the advent of the U.S. M1943 military uniform, the U.S. military has been leading the fashion trend of the world's military uniforms. Its military uniforms are fashionable, unique and full of fashion elements, and are widely sought after by military enthusiasts around the world. Among the various services of the US military, navy uniforms have the most styles, including duty uniforms, formal uniforms, and evening dresses. The Marine Corps uniform is the oldest of all military uniforms, and its blue uniform has never been changed since the late 19th century. Among all military uniforms, the Marine Corps uniform is the only uniform with the colors of the American flag in red, blue, and white. The team of the Russian Red Square parade The Russian military uniform followed the Soviet Union and formed its own system. In 2013, Russia changed into a new military uniform and was dubbed the 'office suit' in the Russian military, but in fact this is a new uniform. The new daily military uniforms have different colors depending on the service unit you are in. Blue is the air force and paratroopers, green is the army, and dark blue close to black is the navy. As in the Soviet period, all equipment of the Navy’s surface fleet was dark blue, including jackets, hats, belts, and even sea soul shirts. The Russian military caps are very large, and it seems to foreigners that they are covered by a cauldron. However, in the eyes of the Russians, these big blocks are very handsome. Honor guard of the three armies of the PLA The 07-style military uniform is the latest and largest dress change in the history of the PLA. It involves 644 varieties of 4 series, including uniforms, uniforms, training uniforms and apparel logos. It is the most comprehensive and systematic military uniform reform in our army. The design of the 07-style military uniform highlights Chinese elements and the characteristics of our army, which is more in line with the temperament of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. The 07 military uniforms of our army can be summarized as 'two green and two blue', realizing the pattern of two green and two blue for the four military types of land, sea, air and rocket, making the color system of the 07 military uniforms more balanced and the visual effects more harmonious. The new 07 military uniforms are loved by people. It makes our military's image more and more 'foreign', enhances the pride of the military, and encourages many young people to actively join the military. The armbands of our military uniforms are deeply influenced by the Soviet Union and Russia, but the development of the 07 and 15 armbands and the arms chapter has made great progress. On the uniforms of these different services, the design of the new armbands and badges is also very eye-catching. The military uniform of our country has also changed over the years, but no matter how it changes, I believe it is the most handsome look in our hearts.
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