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Cross-country running water bag without oxygen tube

by:XinXing     2020-05-18
Compared with marathon and other road running sports, players participating in cross-country running need to prepare some special equipment. Yu Lei, the director of the Dalian 100 Cross-Country Race, insisted on leading our city ’s cross-country running enthusiasts for training. The peculiar equipment they carried in the first two years was often misunderstood by the people along the road. I saw a long hose extending from the backpack of the trail runner. Some people said, 'Look at these people, they need to breathe oxygen when they are tired.' In fact, this is a special water bag for trail trails. It is convenient for athletes to drink water during running. Seeing trail runners holding two trekking poles in their hands, others curiously asked, 'Where are you going to ski in the summer?' This was Yu Lei's personal experience earlier, but few people have asked this question recently. The course of the Dalian 100 Cross-country Race is a training course for Yu Lei and other runners on weekdays. After passing through multiple residential areas on the way, Yu Lei also used the training as promotion and promotion of cross-country running. 'The effect is good,' Yu Lei said. 'A few days ago, some outfield runners came to investigate the route ahead of time. When they walked in a certain community, they couldn't find a road sign. It was the way the residents upstairs pointed.' The most basic equipment to participate in cross-country running is a pair of special running shoes that can protect feet and damp shock on mountain and earth and rock roads. 'Dalian's track conditions are very good. In the past two years, the government has opened and repaired fitness roads on various mountains. There is a one-meter-wide dirt road next to the stone road and the steps. Say. In addition to running shoes, water bottles, trekking poles, gloves, hats, cell phones, first aid blankets, etc. are also essential items for the competition. In addition, ultra-long-distance cross-country runners also need to bring headlights and spare batteries, because the time of a 100-kilometer race is basically more than 14 hours, and it is inevitable to run at night. Yu Lei also suggested that players bring simple medical emergency supplies and food supplies, and then bring a whistle.
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