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Demystifying China's Top Ten Special Police Equipment

by:XinXing     2020-09-19
The Special Police in Mainland China, like the 'Flying Tigers' in Hong Kong, are the elites of the police. They are superb martial arts and well equipped, and they are responsible for the special tasks of anti-violence, such as rescuing hostages, besieging terrorists or bandits with powerful weapons. Recently, there have been many violent attacks in the country, security in various places has been upgraded, and the level of special police equipment has also been comprehensively improved. The value of the equipment is over 300,000 yuan! Let's take a look at the 'big piece' equipment of the special police.

1. Guns

Chinese special police generally hold a 95-type 5.8mm assault automatic rifle, and a 92-type 9mm pistol in the thigh holster. When performing specific tasks, snipers usually use Type 85 sniper rifles or Type 88 sniper rifles, and fire fighters use Type 95 light machine guns. They can also be equipped with portable laser dazzling guns, crossbows, and 'hunters' during counter-terrorism tasks. Capture weapons such as net guns. The Type 95 assault rifle has fast firing speed, great power and long range. The Type 92 9mm pistol has low firing density and strong penetration. After penetrating the 1.3 mm thick helmet steel plate, it can still penetrate 50 mm thick pine boards. The 88-type sniper rifle has a small caliber and high power, and its accuracy can ensure that it hits a target the size of a dollar coin, and a skilled shooter can even interrupt toothpicks.

2. Telescopic baton

The telescopic baton is composed of rubber grip, rear tube, middle tube, front tube, ball head and circlip. The number of repeated expansion and contraction reaches more than 10,000 times, and the number of anti-strikes exceeds 1,000. It has strong aggressiveness and tight defense. It can effectively stop violent behaviors, and can also be used to block, cut, and baton attacks, so various telescopic baton defense techniques are formed.

3. Tear sprayer

The tear gas jet weighs only 80 grams, has an effective range of 4 meters, and can jet continuously for 15 seconds. It can deal with a single individual or a group of several people, but it will not hurt their lives.
Special police equipment-tear gas jet
4. Police standard knives

Police standard knives have multiple practical functions such as cutting, piercing, chopping, sawing, shearing, and multifunctional screwdrivers. Special police can use police standard knives to defend themselves, destroy glass, remove obstacles, etc.

5. Bulletproof vest

Bulletproof vests are used to protect the human body from damage caused by bullets or shrapnel. The bulletproof vest is mainly composed of two parts: a jacket and a bulletproof layer. Clothing covers are often made of chemical fiber fabrics. The bullet-proof layer can absorb the kinetic energy of the bullet or shrapnel, has obvious protective effect on the low-speed bullet or shrapnel, and can reduce the damage to the human chest and abdomen.
Bulletproof vest
6. Cut-resistant gloves

Cut-resistant gloves are made of high-strength fiber and metal wire blended materials, which can effectively resist cuts from sharp objects with advantageous blades such as daggers and kitchen knives.

7. Police flashlight

In addition to the necessary functions of a flashlight, the police flashlight also has the function of attack and self-defense weapons. As long as the special police turns on the strong light flashlight, its strong light can greatly reduce the vision of the criminal suspect's eyes in a short time and be captured instantly.
Police flashlight
8. Police first aid kit

When special policemen are performing their duties, they are injured in themselves or others, or sudden coronary heart disease and heartache, etc., they can provide emergency treatment at the scene. The police first aid kit is equipped with Yunnan Baiyao three-in-one band-aid, nitroglycerin, elastic bandage, eye surgical scissors, medical rubber tape, Yunnan Baiyao capsules, and cooling oil.

9. Handcuffs

Handcuffs are a special tool used by the police to tie the hands of criminals. They are usually worn on the standard belt on the left back of the body.
SWAT equipment-handcuffs
10. Police walkie talkie

Police walkie-talkie, also known as police wireless walkie-talkie, is a walkie-talkie specifically designed for public security, military, armed police and other departments to communicate wirelessly. In order to ensure the safety of the communication services of the above special departments, the State Radio Management Department has specially planned several groups of frequencies for their use.
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