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Detailed description of PC Riot Shield

by:XinXing     2020-06-27
Today, we will introduce our PC anti-riot shield in detail, also known as transparent handheld explosion-proof PC shield, handheld shield. The company provides on behalf of processing, provides shield accessories (rubber handles, memory boards, nylon straps, etc.) quality assurance, fonts and text requirements can be customized for free (such as guards, a unit, a guard, a school, a company... ..) Technical Parameters: Specification: 900×500×3mm; Material: high-quality transparent polycarbonate PC material manufacturing; Transmittance: 84%; Impact resistance: 147J kinetic energy impact meets the standard; Puncture resistance: GA68-2003 standard test tool 20J kinetic energy puncture meets the standard; Grip connection strength: ≥500N; Armband connection strength: ≥500N; Weight: about 2.0kg. Product description of anti-riot shield: 1. Lightweight design 2. Foam cushion, smart PC plastic handle 3. Smart arm plate with adjustable Velcro strap
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