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Did you ignore these details when buying stab-resistant

by:XinXing     2020-06-24
When buying anti-stab clothing, we pay more attention to the price and test report, but the test report alone proves that the goods you buy are consistent with the national testing, is not necessarily right, then our anti-stab clothing is buying Time, which details are the easiest to ignore? Xinxing editor talked about the details that may be ignored when buying stab-resistant clothing: 1. Are the inner bladders of stab-resistant clothing materials similar? The so-called shop-to-shop, the appearance looks the same, the materials are similar, so why the price difference is so big? There are dozens of differences. If you purchase in batches, it may be tens of thousands more. What are the ways? It turns out that there is a place you can't see in it. In the inner tank, the materials used for stab protection are different. The inferior quality is the iron skin, not the six or five manganese. What is the difference between this iron skin and six or five manganese? What is the difference? The difference is that the iron skin penetrates as soon as it is punctured and is very brittle, but the hardness of hexamanganese or manganese is large, and it does not penetrate, so it is really in danger. When it comes to knife stabs, the inferior stab-resistant clothing does not play the role of anti-stab, so In the purchase of stab-resistant clothing, we should pay attention to the material of the inner tank, and don't think that we are pursuing price and ignoring quality. 2. Is there a test report for the stab-resistant suit? The test report is very important, but not only the test report is enough, but also the insurance policy, and the insurance company must underwrite the insurance to protect the rights and interests of our consumers. In the above two points, did you ignore these details when buying stab-resistant clothing? The so-called layman looks at the doorway, the layman looks at the lively, Jingjiang Xinxing police editor reminds you, you should pay attention to the purchase of stab-resistant clothing, do not enter the pit!
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