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Did you notice the service life of the stab-resistant

by:XinXing     2020-06-25
For the staff of the Public Prosecution Law Department, anti-stab clothing is not a new term, and it will be contacted frequently, but for ordinary people, this may be the first time I heard. Have you heard of the use period of anti-stab clothing? Law enforcement personnel who may be in frequent contact with stab-resistant clothing may not necessarily know the lifespan of the stab-resistant clothing, let alone pay attention to the use of the stab-resistant clothing. The problem you usually ignore: the lifespan of the anti-stab suit The answer is yes, how to determine the expiration date of the anti-stab suit? 1. Frequency of use The more frequent the use of stab-resistant clothing, the shorter the period of use for it, because it will continue to wear and consume during use, so it needs to be replaced within a certain period. 2. Use wear In the process of law enforcement, you will encounter various situations, such as knife stabs, knife cuts, etc., which will cause scratches, cuts, cuts, etc. of the stab-resistant clothing. In the process of wearing the stab-resistant clothing, sweat will also Corrosion of the steel plate inside the lining of the stab-resistant clothing, so if the above situation occurs, pay attention to replacement. 3. Preservation of stab-resistant clothing The preservation of stab-resistant clothing is also very important. Pay attention to the environment of the storage place. Choose a dry and cool place. If it is stored in a humid place, such as a basement, the steel plate in the bladder of the stab-resistant clothing will accelerate the corrosion rate. 4. Use environment The use period of stab-resistant clothing is different under various environmental conditions. For example, in the humid south, coastal areas, and dry northern areas of the region, the use period of the stab-resistant clothing is different. In areas with a humid climate, Will shorten the use period of anti-stab suits, such as law enforcement environment, often morning and night, or the sun all day, will affect the use period. 5. Cleaning after use After using the anti-stab suit, we should pay attention to cleaning, such as sweat, mud, other stains, etc., take out the inner liner, and then wipe the dust with a sponge, check the degree of wear by the way, and then the outer coat can be washed and cleaned Clean and dry, you can put the steel sheet, and then hang it or put it in the middle of the cabinet to tile. The problem you usually ignore: the lifespan of the anti-stab suit The above points affect the service life of the stab-resistant clothing. As long as we pay attention to the above issues, we can extend the service life of the stab-resistant clothing, and ensure that the stab-resistant clothing exerts its best use effect.
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