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Differences in touch of different security clothing

by:XinXing     2020-05-14
Now there are many new styles of security clothing, XINXING security clothing is a professional security clothing custom manufacturer, and the design of security clothing style is very particular, colleagues are very particular about the requirements of custom security clothing fabrics, XINXING security clothing is worth The manufacturer you choose. We have corresponding business in Russia, India, Saudi Arabia and other countries. Customized security clothing fabrics are closely related to price XINXING custom-made security clothing manufacturers in the selection of fabrics for custom-made security clothing, our sales staff will provide you with the corresponding fabrics according to your needs. For the quality of the fabrics, it mainly depends on which aspects you pay more attention to, there are many Grade, talk about fabrics. For high-end workwear products, we usually choose thin oxygen, even super thin oxygen, and even add some cashmere raw materials to make, these requirements, including touch, elasticity will be higher. Fabric selection of security clothing spot As we know, all-wool materials are difficult to take care of, and there are many problems with wrinkles in use. When we make custom-made security clothing products for all overflow security products, we often use blended fabrics. Speaking of more popular fabrics. It also includes polyester to do some blending, because polyester plus blending can do a good job, and it will also consider his gloss problem. Especially in summer, some wool and silk blends may be used to increase its gloss and comfort. Suitable for summer performance. Feel the difference of the security clothing fabric by touching First of all, before touching, we must determine the positioning of the product. First of all, the product grade should have a big concept. It is difficult to touch the fabric by hand without professional training. Most workwear fabrics mostly have ingredient labels. First of all, you should look at the labels. If the proportion of the wool is relatively large, it should be slippery and waxy when you touch it by hand. There should be no excessive boards You will be very flexible when you grab a hand. Now we can't judge the quality of the fabric completely depending on the proportion of its wool. Some blended products have very good touch, style and comfort. Some trousers fabrics, although they are full-wool, may add some other fabrics. Some chemical fiber treatment methods feel completely like a chemical fiber fabric. The above is recommended by the XINXING security clothing manufacturer for you about the difference between the security clothing fabric and the corresponding price style, and the difference between the corresponding security clothing fabric touch, learn more about the security clothing price and other related issues You can contact our online customer service.
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