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Difficult to tie the laces of combat boots?

by:XinXing     2020-03-24
Combat boots are a common dress code for armed police officers and soldiers on duty training. They are comfortable and durable. The upper can replace part of the function of the leggings, support the calf muscle group to prevent congestion, and protect the ankle from sprains. But because there are many perforations in combat boots, how to fasten the shoelaces is the fastest and most convenient issue for officers and men. Today I will show you how to fasten the laces created by officers and men. Hurry up and learn, the same applies to high-top boots. Text description: How to tie the laces beautifully and meet the requirements of the army, I believe everyone has their own unique methods. Below, a team of the Beijing Armed Police Corps will introduce their techniques to everyone. 1. Pass the shoelace head straight from the bottom to the bottom two shoe holes; 2. One end of the shoelace comes out directly from the top shoe hole; 3. One end of the shoelace penetrates from the opposite shoe hole in the opposite second row from below the shoe hole; 4. Then thread this end of shoelace straight into another shoe hole that is horizontally opposite; 5. Then repeat this action until it comes out through the top shoe hole; 6. Tie the extra rope to the inside of the upper, and then insert the knot into the upper. By tying shoelaces in this way, no matter the officers and men climb obstacles, wear jungles, or go over ditches or rivers, the shoelaces are rarely caught by obstacles, and the possibility of loosening them is very small.
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