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Disadvantages of single police equipment and improvement

by:XinXing     2020-09-29
Police equipment is an important material basis for enhancing the combat effectiveness of public security organs, protecting the lives of public security police, and ensuring the completion of public security tasks. For many years, public security organs in various places have equipped individual police equipment to each official police officer in accordance with certain standards, including: handcuffs, telescopic Police batons, tear gas jets, police knives, police flashlights, multifunctional belts, police water bottles, first aid kits and cut-resistant gloves. The provision of single police equipment improves the combat effectiveness of the police on duty and law enforcement, effectively deterring, combating, controlling, and stopping illegal and criminal activities, protecting the people and the police themselves, and is known as the most personal weapon for the grassroots police in law enforcement. However, based on the use and response of grassroots civilian police, there are currently three major problems with single police equipment:

One: The eight-piece suit of single police equipment is too heavy
According to data released by the Ministry of Public Security, the built-in weight of the eight-piece set, plus telescopic batons, handcuffs, etc., add up to 4,500 grams, or 9 kg. These weights virtually increase the police's law enforcement burden!

Two: The eight-piece suit of single police equipment is not durable
Many grassroots policemen are reluctant to carry single police equipment in their daily work, not only because it is heavy, but also because it is rarely used!

Three: Single function, insufficient integration
The function of each component of the issued single police equipment is single, such as a swinging stick and a bright flashlight. Everyone wonders if the functions of these two components can be integrated? This not only reduces weight but also makes law enforcement more efficient.
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