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Does the auxiliary police have single police equipment?

by:XinXing     2020-09-12
In general, the auxiliary police is a post to assist the people's police in performing official duties. They have no right to administrative punishment. The auxiliary police can configure and use the necessary equipment according to the needs of the work. So what equipment does the auxiliary police have? Is there any single police equipment?
In recent years, in order to effectively standardize the construction of the auxiliary police team and ensure that the auxiliary police perform their duties in accordance with the law, many units have issued individual police equipment to the auxiliary police. Including telescopic batons, tear gas, handcuffs and other practical police equipment, which greatly improves the efficiency and service ability of auxiliary police when performing duties, so that they can protect themselves from being hurt when they encounter violent elements.
Although the auxiliary police have only one auxiliary function, they also need the ability to protect themselves and the people when they are in danger. Therefore, the single police equipment is a must. I believe that with the single police equipment, the auxiliary police They will be able to play their greatest role to protect the safety of themselves and the people!
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