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Everyone has different memories about military uniforms

by:XinXing     2020-08-25
The military uniform complex is one of the complexes of military fans. Everyone has different memories about military uniforms. The 07-style military uniform is the latest military uniform of the People's Liberation Army, including a series of products such as dresses, regular uniforms, camouflage uniforms, combat boots, coats, sweaters, autumn clothes, vests and so on. Although the logistics department added long-sleeved physical training uniforms to the 07-style military uniforms in 2017, this article believes that these are supplements to the 07-style military uniforms. It cannot be said to be the 17-style military uniforms. Otherwise, the 17-style military uniforms will appear. Still wearing a lot of 07-style camouflage uniforms to attend the guard duty, wouldn't it be a joke.

For the 07-style military uniform, this article believes that the best modified is the 07-style raincoat. This raincoat is much lighter than the previous black raincoat. It is lighter to wear, and the officers and soldiers will save more energy when performing tasks in the rain. Use more physical energy for combat operations. Since I bought it at the military store, I often wear it out, even if it doesn't rain, it's fun.

This 07 style raincoat uses a camouflage pattern, which has a strong camouflage effect when fighting in the jungle terrain in summer. Old-fashioned big black raincoats, such as the one that Liu Feng wore at the opening of 'Fang Hua', if put on, it is very big and black, and it is easy to expose himself.

Raincoats have a wide range of uses in the army. In addition to the conventional use of sheltering rain on rainy days, there are many other uses. For example, in summer camping training and winter adaptability training, many troops will require soldiers to bring raincoats. Although it is not raining, they can be spread on the ground during camping to prevent the soldiers from getting rheumatism.

However, the 07 style raincoat cannot be taken away after retiring from active service. According to the latest regulations, some troops now require the return of 07-style raincoats when their cadres change jobs, and the returned uniform items include camouflage coats, military ranks, and so on. These measures are to prevent the loss of military uniforms in society and prevent migrant workers from working on construction sites wearing camouflage coats. However, this article has been transferred to a few military shops, which have 07 raincoats for sale. Wouldn't the migrant workers buy raincoats at military shops?
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