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Executive standard for body armor

by:XinXing     2020-06-20
Body armor can play a role in protecting the personal safety of the executives in the course of combat, so what standard body armor can achieve to protect the personal safety? Today Xinxing takes everyone to briefly understand the implementation standards of body armor. Executive standard for body armor The current standard of body armor is GA141-2010 'Standards for Police Body Armor', which has been developed according to the level of body armor. The content includes: body armor appearance, body armor protective cover, protection area, different The ballistic performance, environmental adaptability, shooting angle, etc. of the grade body armor. The formulation of the implementation standard of the body armor standardizes the production requirements of body armor, and it provides an additional guarantee for the public security police to perform their tasks. The body armor produced by Jingjiang Gu'an Police complies with the national factory standards and has passed rigorous testing by relevant government departments.
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