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Exquisite life is inseparable from maintenance

by:XinXing     2020-08-26

A. Storage method of reflective raincoat

When the reflective raincoat is not worn, you can hang it on a hanger or fold it away from the reflective strip, and put it in a cool place or closet to avoid the unevenness of the reflective strip and affect the dressing effect.

B. Wrinkle removal method for reflective raincoat
If the reflective raincoat has slight wrinkles, it can be hung on a hanger to let it naturally return to level. If the wrinkles are tight, soak the raincoat in hot water at about 70°C for 2 minutes. After removing it, place it on a flat plate and flatten it. Then dry the water stains to restore the smoothness. Be careful not to pull it hard.
C. Precautions for reflective raincoat

1. Reflective raincoat or ordinary raincoat should not be exposed to the sun, and dried naturally;
2. Do not use machine washing or acid or alkaline washing agent to clean, which will easily damage the reflective strip;
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