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Feel the power of police equipment up close

by:XinXing     2020-09-28
Police equipment seems to be a kind of equipment far away from us ordinary people, and it is usually only visible on TV. Seeing the handsome expressions of the policemen pulling out their guns, they are instantly attracted. I believe that many people have been determined to become policemen since they were young because of watching these TV series. If there is a chance to have a close contact with police equipment, we will definitely remember it for a lifetime!

At the end of last month, 15 students from a school visited various functional areas of the city under the leadership of the police from the city鈥檚 police station. They experienced shields, life jackets, roadblocks, site survey boxes, pistols, etc., and came close to police equipment. The contact, I felt their power.

The most exciting thing in this process is that a police uncle introduced them to single police equipment one by one: batons, handcuffs, tear gas jets, bright flashlights, police water bottles, first aid kits, and pistols. Then the police uncle removed the bullet, checked the safety and gave it to the students to let them experience

. One of the students held a pistol in his right hand, pulled the sleeve forcefully with his left hand, and pulled the trigger with the index finger of his right hand. There was a 'bang', which really felt holy.

The zero-distance contact with police equipment made the students have new feelings for them. Police equipment is no longer a synonym in their hearts, but a real thing!
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