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Five types of men's work clothes

by:XinXing     2020-05-26
The choice of men's work clothes is colorful, but it is not without the 'game rules'. In an increasingly competitive work environment, proper dress is more important than any period. If you want to climb the peak of your career, you need to have a unique way to pack yourself. Type one: focus on effectiveness Not every man goes to work in the office every Friday. There are many industries where the scope of work is extremely wide. Photographers, artists, business consultants, architects, graphic designers and other freelancers have broken the traditional rules of going to work. Others who are more free are those who work at home, and they use computer technology to get in touch with the business community. The clothing that is suitable for the home office is important for comfort. The type of clothing that was only worn on the weekend is now suitable for work. Of course, casual clothes should be divided into different degrees of freedom. A man who sits and works in front of a computer at home all day is of course more casually dressed than a freelancer, because the latter needs to move around and communicate with different clients. Work clothes may be dominated by knitwear, and may even include sportswear. In general, practical work clothes often include khaki pants, sweatshirt pants, T-shirts and jeans. Interestingly, some people like to dress formally and go to work, even in the home office. They believe that in order to work seriously, you need to take 'discipline' seriously. Type two: power dress The clothing of the successful men is not as important as it is now. Properly tailored designs, tough silhouettes, and nostalgic 1980s styles provide constant inspiration for men's work clothes. However, the dress of power now is very different from what we have seen in the film 'Wall Street' or the TV series 'Grand Enmity'. Now, men are willing to spend a lot of money on work clothes, but they spend wisely. The dress of power has broken the old boundaries, and it is not the chairman of the board of directors who can dress up with a sense of authority. Well-cut old-fashioned suits such as Savile Row are the source of male courage. Black and gray tones, thin slivers or very light grids can create a stable image. Suit vests have always been fashionable for senior executives. The shirt can be white, blue, or bright stripes. Ties and straps are indispensable accessories in the wardrobe, and you can use them boldly. Add a silk square scarf to the pocket of the suit, and a watch that symbolizes your status and status, making you look as if you have just come out of the board. Shoes are very important, and most of the budget should be spent on beautiful shoes, and always pay attention to whether the shoes on the feet are flawed. The color of the socks can only be black, navy blue or charcoal gray. It seems to have the right to dress, but in fact you will get it soon. Type 3: Su Leng calm Whether you are an advertising manager, art design, art director, or image designer, the new career will drive the new work clothes. The above occupations are fiercely competitive, and clothing is one of the elements of career success. Matching colors and fabrics with a special taste, jeans with sports jackets, wide-leg pants with fun shirts, or sweaters with non-pleated trousers all mean that this is an acceptable new work clothes. Cool work clothes are often regarded as younger power dresses, because those who are young and successful at light age pay more attention to dress styles than their older colleagues. And the entertainment industry has a great influence on the views of men's work clothes and casual clothes, and promotes the kind of 'cool' male image in movies and TV. Therefore, a calm appearance is one of the keys to the success of young executives. Type 4: Enlighten the future Computer programs, Internet, video technology ... these fields are all undergoing revolution. These future-oriented industries need a simple style design with a sense of the times. The new century will reflect a new style, and future styles of clothing have also appeared on the market. Streamlined suits, clean sweaters, fit jackets made of high-tech fabrics and fashionable shirts have almost become a new uniform. Black color is popular, it is still the mainstream of color. Technology plays an important role in this style, and revolutionary new materials appear in fashion design. If you work in the field of new technology, modern clothing in the new era is indispensable. Type 5: Friday casual Friday casual wear is a term invented in the field of men's wear, describing casual wear that can be worn in many offices. At the beginning, some large companies only allowed employees to wear casual clothes on Friday, but soon discovered that the comfortable clothing staff worked efficiently, so 'Friday Casual' became the type that can be worn daily. This season's work clothes are more beautiful and tidy than in the past, and easy to match. A fashionable sports jacket or sweater, with a pattern shirt with harmonious colors, plus a pair of customized pants, a comfortable dress. A brightly colored sweater is another option than a jacket. In addition, sports shoes are never suitable for a man who wants to be like a businessman. Matching clothing is not an easy task, and if it is properly weighed, it can help you succeed!
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