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From liberation shoes to combat boots Review the

by:XinXing     2020-03-27
At the beginning of the founding of New China, we can see in the black and white documentary of the Founding Ceremony that the People ’s Liberation Army was wearing almost all liberation shoes. A pair of small liberation shoes accompanied the PLA officers and men through more than 50 spring, summer, autumn and winter, until the General Logistics Department of the PLA announced in 2004 that the liberation shoes were officially retired. Speaking of liberation shoes, it is the hero of people's production, construction, and labor since the founding of New China. It is worn not only by PLA soldiers, but also by ordinary people. According to data records, liberation shoes originated during the liberation war. Due to the comprehensive siege of the National Government, the supply of materials for the Revolutionary Armed Forces under the leadership of the Communist Party of China was difficult. Many military shoes were coarsely produced by rural women, and liberation shoes were born. . It is interesting that although the name of the liberation shoes has been called for more than half a century, the word of the liberation shoes cannot be found in the relevant official documents of the military department of the People's Liberation Army. There is only one official name for such military shoes- Cloth rubber shoes. As for the origin of the title of liberation shoes, there are currently two statements: one is that such military shoes were born in the war of liberation; the other is the standard military shoes worn by the PLA. In the early 1950s, with the development of China's rubber industry, all PLA units were replaced with liberation shoes. The Jiefang shoes came in handy as soon as they entered service with the army. After the outbreak of the Korean War, a large number of Chinese volunteers entered the Korean war. Due to material constraints in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China, volunteer soldiers still wore thin liberation shoes to cross the mountains even in the cold winter, and their most powerful opponent, the US Army, issued comfortable winter boots. In the eyes of Americans, the rubber shoes of the Volunteers are no longer comparable to the US military's leather boots. But in the mountains of North Korea, humble rubber shoes have played a significant role. Li Qiwei, then commander-in-chief of the Far East U.S. Army, was quite impressed with the rubber shoes of the Volunteer Army. In his memoirs, he described it as follows: 'Furious horns and rough roars were heard everywhere on the front, while the enemy infantry was wearing The rubber shoes quietly climbed up the dark hillside and penetrated our position. 'To Americans, these Chinese soldiers who wear rubber shoes and walk silently are as scary as jaguar in the jungle. If the volunteers wore heavy military boots to infiltrate, I am afraid they would have been found dozens of meters away. For more than half a century, as a general military shoe combined with peace and war, liberated shoes have participated in the combat operations of the Chinese army and played an important role in army training, production labor and daily life. Many veterans still have deep feelings for the liberation shoes that accompanied them through their Rongma career. However, since the liberation shoes are made of pure cotton material for the upper and the inside, they are particularly easy to wear. In addition, this kind of shoes has poor abrasion resistance, poor breathability and moisture permeability, great odor when worn, and a 'burning foot' feeling. Combat boots Since the founding of New China in 1949, the PLA's infantry has never been equipped with any kind of military boots, except for special armies such as armored personnel and air crews. With the modern military revolution and the needs of combat in various special environments, the old-fashioned and inadequate liberation shoes can no longer meet the actual needs of the army. With the exception of a few countries, foreign military forces have long distributed combat boots of various uses. Some people think that because of obsolete ideas, liberation shoes have been 'monopoly' in the Chinese army for more than 50 years. In fact, the main problem is too little funding. In 1997, the General Logistics Department organized scientific researchers to develop special combat boots for the troops stationed in Hong Kong. This was the first time that our army had equipped combat boots in batches. Type 97 combat boots Generally speaking, military boots are mainly used to protect soldiers ’feet from being injured during combat, and they need to be stab-resistant, smash-resistant, and easy to kick obstacles. However, for our soldiers who mainly rely on foot combat, they appear Too clunky, wearing military boots for long-distance detours is incredible. In the 1979 battle in the South Xinjiang and the later two rounds of anti-Vietnamese self-defense wars, land and air soldier leather shoes (commonly known as suede shoes) were once issued for high-waist anti-puncture liberation shoes and frosted boots for border guards. It should be the prototype of our army's modern military boots. In order to meet the needs of future combat, the Requirement and Equipment Research Institute of the General Logistics Department of the PLA has developed a series of combat boots used by our army. Among them, the 97 type combat boots are well-known. The boots are made of waterproof leather and flame-resistant waterproof canvas. Molding process, with good anti-slip performance. In addition, the interlayer of the sole is also equipped with an aramid fiber puncture-resistant layer, which has puncture resistance. The Army trekking square we saw at the parade of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1999 was wearing 97 combat boots. The Type 97 combat boots passed the authoritative appraisal of relevant departments in 2001, and began batch equipping some elite units of the army. Training shoes The 97 type combat boots have not been widely served in the entire army, and most of the troops are still wearing training shoes for liberation shoes. The General Logistics Department has taken into account the actual needs of troop training. Training shoes came into being. 99 training shoes The Type 99 training shoe was developed by the Military Equipment Research Institute of the General Logistics Department. It has condensed 6 national patents and 1 first prize for scientific and technological progress in the army. It has achieved breakthroughs in 10 key technologies, such as the use of new applied chemistry Fiber material to enhance abrasion resistance; antibacterial agents are added to shoes, uppers and other fabrics, and it has a sweat wicking function; a new material of short fiber reinforced foamed rubber is used to reduce weight; anti-wei shading, strong and durable It is suitable for wearing during high-intensity combat training of the army. The new series of training shoes derived from 99 training shoes has further improved the Chinese military shoes system, and Chinese rubber training shoes have entered a new stage of development. Landing boots So after that, a kind of high-waist training shoes, also known as 01 landing shoes, is actually a high-waist version of 99-type training shoes. High waist is more comfortable than low waist. You can also use military leggings when needed to minimize fatigue caused by leg muscle tension and blood backflow. 01 landing boots 01-type landing shoes, using nylon filament chemical fiber composite material, has high strength, high breathability, fast-drying performance, is an improved product of 99 training, excellent anti-slip effect. The sole of this breed contains a special steel plate, which has a good anti-stab effect. The structure design is provided with drainage holes and stainless steel sand control nets. The waist is closed with magic glue, and the tongue is connected to the waist to prevent diamonds. This variety is a special equipment for our army's landing operations. It has functions of sand prevention, puncture prevention, fire prevention, moisture resistance, antibacterial and deodorization. Paratrooper boots The Chinese People ’s Liberation Army Air Force ’s paratrooper boots are more distinctive. Among them, the 91-style summer skydiving leather shoes (official name of the military), which looks like labor insurance shoes, serve widely in various air forces. Type 91 paratrooper boots, nicknamed 'kick the cow' This combat boot uses a yellow suede thick cowhide upper with a 152mm high boot waist (partially nylon). The design of the bottom of the paratrooper boots is very original, with hundreds of opposing rubber slopes on it, and the anti-skid performance is first-rate. Since the main function of paratrooper boots is to prevent shocks, the heel of the boots is smooth and with shock-absorbing steel plates, which can effectively disperse the pressure at the moment of ground contact, protect the ankles, and reduce the shock to the brain. In addition to the sole of the boot, there is also a layer of steel at the toe cap. Because these paratrooper boots are very sturdy, they get a nickname-'kick the cow'.
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