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Gu'an police equipment reveals commonly used single

by:XinXing     2020-06-23
The single police equipment is the basic personal equipment equipped by the public security police during their duty and law enforcement. So what are the commonly used single police equipment? Commonly used single police equipment are as follows: Mechanical sticks (throw sticks): police equipment used to defend, disperse, or control criminal suspects when the police enforce the law. Handcuffs: Convenient to carry, suitable for the police to arrest and escort criminal suspects, which is restraining equipment. Strong light flashlight: The design with enhanced waterproof and shockproof functions can make the flashlight operate normally after soaking for one hour under one meter of water, and can also be used normally after falling at a height of 3 meters. The switch design method adopts the more mature pre-plant light touch digital control technology, which can make the flashlight circulate in the weak light, strong light, and flash, and configure a special car charger. All chargers are equipped with charge conversion indication devices. Police kettle: stainless steel inner and outer tanks. Pressure-resistant seal, good vacuum insulation function. Police standard cutter: It has many practical functions such as cutting, thorn, chopping, sawing, shearing, multifunctional screwdriver and so on. Special policemen can use police-made cutters to carry out self-defense, destroy glass, remove obstacles and other activities. It is one of the top ten special policemen in China. Tear sprayer: immediately stop all actions of the other party, the person being sprayed with tears in their eyes, sneezing and coughing, respiratory tract like fire, extremely uncomfortable, but it will not cause any harm. The contained substances are natural strong stimulating substances such as pure extract of pepper and mustard extract, which have no organic toxic and side effects on the human body. First-aid kit: It is a simple and portable first-aid equipment that requires emergency temporary ambulance when a police officer receives minor injuries during duty or training. Multifunctional belt for police: divided into leather and nylon according to material. It is mainly composed of the main body belt, oblique sling and outfit cover (handcuff cover, intercom cover, strong light flashlight cover, police work bag, police water bottle cover, baton cover, pistol cover, tear spray cover). Cut-resistant gloves: Police protective equipment used to prevent noxious attacks, is a protective police equipment that has the function of preventing cuts from sharp devices. Police equipment package: made of special materials and processes, so it has the functions of waterproof, rainproof, high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, tear resistance and so on.
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