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by:XinXing     2020-05-12
The custom-made colors of Guangzhou security service mainly include navy blue, light blue, black, sky blue (shirt), gray green, etc. The color of property security clothing is mainly black. In some slightly high-end communities, the security uniforms are somewhat similar to military uniforms, as shown below Winter security uniforms are mainly military coats, mainly in black and navy blue The above are the several property security clothing introduced to you by the XINXING logo clothing editor of Guangzhou Security Service Customized Factory. For more information, please follow us. Guangzhou security clothing custom factory XINXING team clothing customized 2018 new autumn and winter black authentic security clothing, subverting the design concept of traditional security clothing, incorporating the fashion elements of Western clothing, this security clothing uses black high-count blend fabric, noble and solemn Excellent gloss and softness, classic stand collar, fit neck, straight open placket, inlaid with brand exclusive metal buckle, durable. Striped yellow webbing collocation adds vitality to otherwise dull clothing. The entire security uniform runs smoothly, and the smooth lining is perfectly spliced. In comparison, the professional clothing of Guangzhou security service customized factory XINXING is very cost-effective.
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