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How about Xinxing logistics distribution system?
China Xinxing Guangzhou Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd has a complete logistics distribution system to make sure the products are made, stored, moved and delivered in a timely manner. Our logistics distribution begins at the manufacturing stage and continues through the delivery to consumers. It involves the planning, design, coordination, management, and improvement of the process of moving goods, with a goal to ensure that goods are stored and moved as efficiently as possible in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest cost. By improving warehousing and transportation functions, our logistics helps meet the needs of customers. In some cases, our logistics involves more internal systems, while in other cases it involves collaboration with distribution partners.

Xinxing. has always been known for manufacturing police uniform. We have a long history of delivering top value for customers. According to the material, Xinxing's products are divided into several categories, and rain poncho is one of them. As a focusing point, the design of official suit plays an important role in the uniqueness of products. It offers protection from chemical and biological toxins or radiation. Xinxing carries out strict controls in the production and establishes a quality inspection department to be responsible for quality testing. All this provides a strong guarantee for the high quality of anti-riot suit.

our company. aims to be a top manufacturer for military police vehicle. Inquire!
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