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How are military uniforms classified?

by:XinXing     2020-06-18
Military uniform size is a sign of military uniform specifications, divided by military height and bust size. Taking the body height as the 'number' means the length of the military uniform, the larger the number is, the longer the military uniform is; the bust is the 'type', which means the military uniform. Fat and thin, the bigger the size, the fatter the uniform. Military uniforms are divided into two series: regular (ceremonial) uniforms and training uniforms. The regular (ceremonial) service type is No.5 and No.5, distinguishing between men and women. The military uniforms include winter and summer uniforms, dresses, long and short-sleeved linings. (2) According to the height of the body, choose the military uniform type; according to the bust size, choose the military uniform type do not. , In addition, you can also choose your military uniform type by calculating your own 'fullness index'. Fullness index 2 bust / (not x body height) A fullness index of 0.15 corresponds to one type, 0.16 corresponds to two types, 0.17 corresponds to three types, 0.18 corresponds to four types, and 0.19 corresponds to five types.
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