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How bad is the Indian body armor? A large number

by:XinXing     2020-05-21
According to Afghan media, a patrol team composed of six members of the Afghan security forces recently suffered an ambush while patrolling. After a violent exchange of fire, one soldier was seriously injured and two soldiers were shot directly. If this patrol team did not receive timely reinforcements from the neighboring forces, it might have been destroyed by the opponent on the spot ... The uneasy Afghan authorities seem to have never stopped clashes and riots. The above-mentioned attacks would not have received much attention. What is more special is that the Afghan soldiers killed and wounded in this incident were wearing new body armor made in India. Moreover, this is a special purchase by Afghanistan from India. The first time it was pushed onto the battlefield, it caused such a tragedy, which caused widespread concern among the Afghan authorities. According to relevant reports presented by the Afghan side, the equipment of the patrol team was developed and manufactured by Tata Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. of India. In addition to the Afghan side procurement, the new body armor is also used by nearly 16 countries. Since the beginning of 17 years, the Indian army has purchased more than 50,000 pieces from the company for a single price of 2.65 million yuan. In the follow-up feedback from Indian soldiers, the evaluation of the body armor was low. For officers and soldiers in combat, the firearms and body armor on their bodies are like a second life. In this incident, the seriously wounded soldier escaped the death due to a bullet in the arm, and the dead two were even penetrated with armor, which was tragic. Such unbearable bulletproof capabilities have made many people concerned about this matter shameful ... It is worth mentioning that, in contrast to the body armor made in India, the Iraqi security forces made by the great powers of the East were equipped with the Iraqi security forces in the Iraq war, but they had never had the situation as above. At least in more cases, bulletproof vests made by the great powers of the East can protect the wearer's life in a dangerous environment. It is not known how long the military equipment manufactured by the Indian side will develop, but rigorous and serious independent research and development and the continuous iterative upgrade of related industrial systems are the only way to the prosperity of the military industry ...
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