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by:XinXing     2020-03-30
Tactical vest refers to the equipment worn by some soldiers to increase the carrying capacity of various ammunition. It can be worn outside the body armor without causing obstacles to body armor, radio, umbrella bags, etc., and is widely used by special forces equipment. There are three main types of tactical vests. The first is an offensive tactical vest. During the operation, they usually carry large reserve ammunition, grenades, tools, radios, short-barreled shotguns, personal first-aid supplies, etc., necessary for CQB or CT missions. The above equipment is required to be easy to carry and quick to take in action, in order to cope with sudden emergencies and achieve the best attack effect. This type of tactical vest is also the most commonly used tactical vest for survival game players, generally divided into military and police two categories. The second is a medical tactical vest. When the general medical personnel cannot effectively rescue the injured person when performing the task, the team needs one or more members who have received emergency medical training. The items he carried were mainly weapons, equipment and a large number of first-aid supplies needed by individuals to perform tasks. For example, Stallone played the role of rescue team captain in a 100,000 fire, and when he was on a mission, he wore a tactical vest designed by the American company for emergency rescue. The third is a riot type tactical vest. The special ammunition required for the riot is usually larger than the caliber of ordinary ammunition, such as tear gas, and is used to disperse the gathered mobs. Also need to carry fire extinguishers to prevent petrol bomb attack, tape or straps, handcuffs replacement. Some of the above items are equipment used by the special service units in real operations and are less likely to be used in survival games. In the world, the US military is the strongest in individual equipment. In addition to the excellent men's tactical vest, the US Army has issued a dedicated third-generation bulletproof tactical vest for female soldiers. One of the biggest problems for female soldiers wearing a universal tactical vest is that they suffer a lot from the hips during training, marching, and combat. Hip congestion and bleeding often occur. The third generation of women's tactical vests solved this problem. The chest and underarms adopt a conformal design, which not only adapts to the female soldier's physical characteristics, but also covers the previously exposed underarms. In addition to the United States, Russia is also strong in tactical vests. The Russian military showed off its latest tactical vest. From the figure, the new tactical vest has a larger loading capacity. There are at least five magazine bags, one of which should be able to hold two 30 rounds of magazines. Adding the magazine on the gun, a soldier can carry 330 rounds at least once. Compared to our army's individual equipment, which is relatively backward because of advocating simplicity and simplicity, we can only say that there is a tactical vest from someone's home.
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