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How can security personnel use metal riot shields

by:XinXing     2020-06-24
The quality of metal riot shields is heavier than that of PC riot shields, and it is cumbersome in use. How to use metal riot shields flexibly? The following Xinxing editor summarizes several methods: How to be flexible for security personnel Use a metal riot shield? 1. A lot of exercises In order to make the metal anti-riot shield more flexible in the application process, a lot of drills are usually needed. Especially the security guards, because the security guards in the communities around the world are all 50 or 60 years old. Although they are equipped with these protective protective equipment, there are also security guards who have a fluke mentality and think that the possibility of danger is very small. The protective equipment does not understand or know how to use it. Even when a dangerous situation occurs, it is impossible to think of taking out a metal anti-riot shield for protection. Therefore, the security departments of various companies need to supervise and conduct many exercises to ensure the safety of you and me. 2. Calmly calm down Security personnel have a good attitude when using metal anti-riot shields. If the mentality is not good enough, in the face of gangsters, in the face of unexpected things, I am afraid, and after falling in the momentum, it encourages the arrogance of gangsters and brings danger to myself and the surrounding people. Calm, calm, courageous, and wise to deal with gangsters, can better protect the safety of more people around and their own safety. 3. Practice more wrist strength and arm strength For example, in some wrench-wrist competitions, usually lifting dumbbells, zama step, etc., grip strength is also very important, strengthening personal abilities, good physical fitness is also particularly important. 4. Teamwork, arrange exercises A person can't work with a team far away. Especially in times of crisis, team operations are particularly important. Therefore, to strengthen the team's ability to collaborate, it requires multiple break-ins, drills, and exercises. As long as the security personnel strengthen their abilities and teamwork in daily life, the metal anti-riot shield will be very flexible to use. If you have any industry-related problems, find Xinxing to help you solve them.
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